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Heart to Heart with Kristine Sa
- Mai Tien Dung
- Toc Tien
- Chosen
- Lynda Trang Dai/Tommy Ngo & Lynda Trang Dai/Lynda's Special Preview/
- Xuan Mai's Blooper Clip/Xuan Mai's Interview

- Nguyen Khang Special Clip 
- Kristine Sa Self Interview 

VietFace TV 
FEMALE: Mai Thien Van/ Minh Tuyet/ To Ngoc Thuy /Toc Tien/Ky Duyen/
MALE: Mai Tien Dung/Duy Truong/Nguyen Ngoc Ngan / Nguyen Ngoc Ngan's 2nd interview/ Elvis Phuong/Nguyen Ngoc Ngan 20th Anniversary with Thuy Nga/  
PAIRS/GROUPS: Nhu Quynh & Luong Tung Quang/Nhu Loan & Mai Tien Dung/ Minh Tuyet & Mai Thien Van/ Bang Kieu & Ngoc Anh/ Huong Thuy & Quynh Vi/ Quynh Vi & Mai Tien Dung/
COMEDIANS: Viet Huong/ Thuy Nga/Hong Dao/Hoai Tam


Behind the Scenes/Backstage
- Quang Le

- Nhu Loan
- Huong Giang
- Toc Tien
- Quynh Vi

- Anh Minh

Asia Channel
Ha Thanh Xuan
Thuy Huong/Thuy Huong's 2nd Interview
Kevin Khoa's Interview with Giang Ngoc/

Dang The Luan 
Trish Thuy Trang Talks About Pregnancy
Nini Talks about Short Hairstyle

Tam Doan Talks about Upcoming Projects
Y Phuong Talks About Recent Trip  
Quoc Khanh Talks with Tam Doan


Can Kristine Sa Tell a Joke?/
Why Some People Think Thuy Huong is Lazy 
Trish Thuy Trang Talks about her Married Life
Helena Hong Ngoc's Crush on Tommy Ngo
Luong Tung Quang's High School Crush 

Doan Phi: I'm Not Gay

Chat Voi Sao
Lynda Trang Dai & Tommy Ngo
Quang Le
Don Nguyen
Minh Tuyet

Other Sources:
Anh Minh Hot on Stage, Gentle in Real Life
Thuy Tien's Interview with Nguoi Viet Online/  
Minh Tuyet's Interview With Vinashowbiz
Nguyen Huy's with Vinashowbiz/
Nguyen Khang's Wife Interview from 2010
Linda Chou with Vinashowbiz / with Maxim Club Houston
Truc Lam & Truc Linh's Interview

Gia Huy's Interview with Giang Ngoc 
Ky Duyen's Interview with Le Quoc Vinh  
Tuong Khue's Interview with Giang Ngoc