Friday, July 20, 2007

Time 2 Sing Along: Đừng Xa Em Đêm Nay

Thao My, Duc Huy’s ex wife, first sang this song. The song appeared on Paris By Night 12 or so, I’m not sure. It was the one on music of Duc Huy I believe. The music video had Duc Huy and Thao My in it. I like the song and I like Thao My. Too bad years later the two divorced and Duc Huy went back to Vietnam to live and do business there. According to the news Duc Huy was unsuccessful in his recording studio and restaurant business therefore ended up having money problem and became very angry toward his family. There were news that Duc Huy went out with some young girl and was dumped by her and he caused a big fight seeing the girl with other guy. Anyhow I saw Thao My again one of Asia’s recent production. They had her sing the song with Y Phung. I thought that was awkward to have her sing that song, something that no long have the same meaning to her. Thao My looked uncomfortable on stage singing the song and she looked dead and not very into the song. She also aged a lot since the last time I saw, which was many years ago. I just felt that while she sang the song on Asia, something was missing. There were no emotions to the song anymore.

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Đừng xa em đêm nay khi bóng trăng qua hàng cây
Đừng xa em đêm nay đêm rất dài
Vòng tay em cô đơn đêm khuya vắng nghe buồn hơn
Còn tim em khát khao yêu thương.

Đừng xa em đêm nay hãy nói anh sẽ ở đây
Đừng để em một mình nơi chốn này
Hãy ôm em trong tay cho em biết anh cần em
Và hãy nói anh vẫn yêu em.

Giọt nước mắt nào đổ trong bóng tối
Khi nằm lắng nghe tiếng đêm, lắng nghe tiếng đêm
Nghe nhịp đập con tim ru em giấc ngủ yên.
Đời em vắng lạnh và anh đã đến như ngọn nến trong bóng đêm,
Nến trong bóng đêm soi vào tim em
Những xao xuyến đã ngủ quên.

Đừng xa em đêm nay khu phố quen đã ngủ say
Đừng xa em đêm nay đêm rất dài
Hãy yêu em đêm nay cho quên hết đi ngày mai
Đừng xa em, đừng xa em đêm nay.

Hãy ôm em trong tay cho em biết anh cần em
Và hãy nói anh vẫn yêu em
Hãy yêu em đêm nay cho quên hết đi ngày mai
Đừng xa em, đừng xa em đêm nay.

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Dude said...

I love this damn song. I was looking around for her CD a while back but couldn't find it because it's too old I guess. But then they did the dual on Asia, and I found the original one on You Tube. But it isn't all that great to me.

Anyway, it's a good song I think.

I have heard that he dated a very young chic too, like 19-22 I heard.

as for TM singing the song on Asia, I think she needed the money, she doesnt have to feel it or nothing, and it's sweet justice that she's making some money off the song her ex wrote since he did her wrong. I thought she wasnt into the song too, she seemed plain, out of it, rusty to a point too, and it's like she just want to perform it and get it done with.