Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nguyễn Thắng - "My Story"

1. Apologize - Nguyễn Thắng, Thaifoon
2. Xin Cho Mãi Yêu 2 - Nguyễn Thắng
3. Everytime - Linda Chou
4. If Only You Knew - Nguyễn Thắng, Linda Chou, Thaifoon, K-lien
5. Tình Đầu Mãi Yêu - Nguyễn Thắng, Huy Vũ
6. Sway - Helena Hồng Ngọc
7. Autumn Leaves - Nguyễn Thắng
8. Biển Cạn - Nguyễn Thắng
9. Remedy - Lyda
10. I'm Ok - Nguyễn Thắng
11. She Will Be Loved - Nguyễn Thắng, Adam Hồ

This CD seems to be the best one out recently. I am actually interested in listening to it after hearing a few of the songs and they sounded pretty good. Another interesting thing are the people featured on the CD like Linda Chou who was in Van Son 36 in Taiwan singing with Andy Quach. I wonder who Lyda and K-lien are. Besides that there are three songs in the CD, Everytime, Sway and She Will Be Loved that I hope won’t become a bad rendition. I’m surprise though that the CD is releasing under Thuy Nga instead of Van Son Entertainment. Another interesting thing is that Vy released her CD years ago also the under the title “My Story.” Her CD cover, which you can check out for yourself here is pretty much a crappy one and as for Nguyen Thang’s it is only a bit better. The words on the lower right corner is very cheesy first of all and the whole angel wing is over done so many times and he looks weird – like really young unlike the image I saw of him with facial hair. Nguyen Thang on the CD cover looks like an over grown boy… kind of reminds me of the Harry Potter kid. The CD is in stores, so go support him! As always feel free to leave a comment.


Myson Nguyen said...

i kinda went wtf...becuz that cd most of the singers on that cd doesnt seem like they work for thu nga but for van son...purty weirdddd

Anonymous said...

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- Laura