Friday, June 20, 2008

Gia Huy's Big Birthday Bash in August

Singer Gia Huy will have his 35th birthday party Friday, August 22nd at Majestic ballroom. The party will be the liveliest with a music show with his colleagues- singers from in and out of the country. 5 years ago on his big 30th birthday, over 500 guests attended at Bleu ballroom. This year after gaining much love and support from temples in the U.S. during "Phật Đản" (Vaisakha) celebration, (celebrating the birth of the Buddha), and also winning two religious CDs, Đạo gồm Mẹ Là Phật and Vầng Trăng Phật Đản made him extremely joyful. Thus setting the singer in the mood for a big celebration, gathering up close friends and family.

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