Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quang Dũng & Jennifer Phạm's Happy Family

Below are some pictures taken mainly from Jennifer's Myspace. In the pictures is the happy family Quang Dũng, Jennifer Phạm, and baby Jayden AKA An Nam. Who do you think the baby looks like more? I would say that the baby mainly looks like Quang Dũng, but at another angle I see Jennifer's resembling, so I guess a mixture of both. So cute.


Anonymous said...

cute pics!!!

so the rumours r false QD is not gay???

Anonymous said...

Nhin mat Jennifer Pham, dau thay dep me gi dau troi, con gai ma lo mui con ket, khong co thay phuc hau gi het.

Hai nguoi loi dung lan nhau thoi ba con co bac oi, QD duoc o ben My va con quy nho Jennifer Pham mong duoc noi tieng hon.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Pham is not Vietnamese 100%. She is Asian+ 1/4 white as her website says. Why did she take part in the Asian USA Beauty contest for 100% Asians in US? The press used them too much. Their private life is too exposed . It is time,in my oppinion, Jennifer Pham and Quang Dung can put their private life behind . We would like them to entertain us by singing and showing the beauty,but should they entertain us with all their private life also ? It is time,in my oppinion, they should not show up that much any more.

Anonymous said...

of course quang dung is gay. you could tell by the way he walks in public. he catwalks on the time. and when he talks he points his finger like a sissy. reasons why he got jennifer pham pregant before marriage was to prove that he wasn't gay (though the truth he swings both ways: male and females) , also he'd get the green card to live in america. and reasons why jennifer dumped her supporting ex-boyfriend whom she has been dating together and agreed to marry quang dung are because she would become richer and more famous.