Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loan Châu Gave Birth to a Baby Girl

Singer Loan Châu welcomes baby Bella Ðặng Trân Trân on August 10, 2008 at 7:30 PM in Orange County, CA, as first reported on the singer’s blog from her official website.The baby weights in 7lbs 3oz and the first time parents are thrilled as well as exhausted. To view the original message from the singer’s blog, click here. Congratulation!


Anonymous said...

What a dramatic name. Might as well add in another Tran. Bella Dang Tran Tran Tran.

Anonymous said...

I hate anybody with four names. Three is more than enough.

ton tan tien nu banh thi lo lieu said...

Guess they are going for the Chinese movie theme. 4 names is very common for Vietnamese which carry both Dad's and Mom's last names, ex.

Tra^n` Nguye^n? Minh Tai`
(Dad's last) (Mom's last) (Middle) (First)

but what the f is tran tran... nake nake? Bella means beauty in Italian I think.

Anonymous said...

4 names is common for those born in the US esp. I have 4 'names': 1 american 1st name, 1 viet first name, middle, and last. :)

Anonymous said...

puurrrrrrrty name!! luv it fuck those other anonymous!!:0