Friday, April 15, 2011

Who is Be Dzinh?

You have probably seen him around backstage and in photos with a variety of singers. You're probably wondering who's this kid hugging Nhu Loan and kissing other female artists. So lucky! What's his occupation that he's always seen at shows and events? Well, Be Dzinh's real name is Dinh Nguyen, he's a graphic designer at Silk Media. He's also a website designer, artist manager, and event organizer. Be Dzinh’s from Australia and his brother is singer Dang The Luan. I think he gets his name because of the baby face. Haha. If you have other questions you can contact him via email.

HEY, if you want to have the same luxury as Be Dzinh and access to backstage fun. It's not too late since the Vietnamese entertainment overseas is still accessible since it's small and still growing. So if you know anyone with a good voice and looks... make sure that person gets into working with a production show and BAM you're in LOL. But I think we are all related or know people who know these Vietnamese celebrities when we were all living back in Vietnam. For example, my brother was friend with Thanh Lan's son. My sister's friend was neighbor to Loan Chau. I'm related to Y Lan and Kieu Chinh via in laws. And my dad used to take Thanh Thuy out. LOL. You see if you want to make a connection you can. :D Anyway, Check out some the photos below of Be Dzinh with singers.

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