Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The First Step

The first post, like the first kiss is the best ever for some. This marks the birth of my blog! I will try to update as much as possible. I hope you will all show your support, and check out my blog regularly. All my posts on this blog will mostly reflect my personal opinion on the topics and or the artists. They will be leaning toward satires and so don’t get all upset if I am saying something you think is not true or bias, whatever. I’m here to try and share my thoughts on the Vietnamese entertainment industry mainly in the U.S. as well as keep people up to date with what’s going on. I try to amuse you and try to make my point along the way. I am not a comedian wannabe or plan to be. And most of the things I write about are out of my own interests. You have the rights to not read what I write and not visit this blog. So don’t get all upset when reading my blog because you’re not supposed to.

I want to give a shout out to my friend MetalAZNWarrior over at TVB MUSING who inspired me last May in 2006 to start my own blog, which I did. I posted a few and well uh ya I abandoned it sadly. It took me about a year later, now in the place I started with to start up again. My friend focused on Chinese entertainment, mainly a famous company TVB in Hong Kong and I chose the Vietnamese community in America. Another inspiration for the birth of this blog came from my teacher whom I had in 10th grade as my Spanish teacher, which later turned out to be my professor in college. It was good seeing him again. He has a blog at Marclamonthill.com (check it out) and I loved it. It is updated regulary like every hour or so and the things he put on the blog are thought provoking and very interesting to read. So that’s the skinny on my reason for starting this blog.

Also I want to make a note to all readers who read my blog to beware of any grammatical errors, because I am full of it! From tense problems, spelling, to word choice and uh what my teachers said, uh sentence fragment, awkward sentences, too wordy, unclear, broad, vague, syntax issue, yea and everything else. You can’t blame me, when the English language itself is so irregular. Well, I guess you can blame me, since I procastinated and did most of my papers the night before and never did proofread or even bothered to do it. I appreciated all your comments on my posts but please don’t start bashing me by pointing out the errors in my writing and that I should go back to school ( I am in school) before opening my mouth and bashing about your favorite artists, blah blah. I don’t care. At L3Az I DoN’T WR1te lik dizz N maK3 iT all k0nfuzin’. This is not a professional blog or of any profiting company just something fun, a hobby for me.

Lastly, please further support by tell about me to a friend. Add my blog to favorite. Yup, even you haters who dislike me, tell me to your friends and explain why you hate me and also give them the link to my blog as well so they can hate me too thanks.

P.S. I will post soon; I am in the process of writing my next post and making sure I did more than spelling check.

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