Thursday, May 31, 2007

Free Graphics (1) : Banners and Avatars

I love to make graphics; it is one of my hobbies. Below are some graphics I made and now I’m sharing them with you. All of the graphics posted will relate to Vietnamese artists, for other kind of graphics visit my site here. I hope you will like my work. Feel free to take and use them. You don’t need to credit me. P.S. I don’t do requests, so please don’t email me or message about it. Check back often for more of my work for free for you to use.

Some of my older works featuring Purity, Luong Tung Quang, Loan Chau, Thien Kim, Nhu Quynh, Trish, Thanh Truc, Shayla, Lam Nhat Tien, Truc Linh, Bao Han, Minh Tuyet, and Tam Doan.

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