Thursday, May 24, 2007

Los Cabos! 2007 Calendar

Ky Duyen along with 4 other singers (Loan Chau, Thanh Ha, Truc Linh and Truc Lam) went to Los Cabos in Mexico for a 2007 calendar shoot. In a recent interview online, Ky Duyen mentioned that in this calendar she wanted to portray Vietnamese women, Asian in general in a different way. Normally Asian women are portraying in movies for example as weak and traditional in customs clothes or really trashy and sleazy. Ky Duyen wanted to show that Asian women could be sexy without going over the top and revealing too much. There is this other side, a balance between two common typecast. If you want to buy the calendar go to

* calendar pics taken from Ky Duyen House on myspace

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