Friday, May 25, 2007

Paris By Night in Korea

There are lots of rumors circulating around about Thuy Nga doing a show in Korea. But Thuy Nga on their forum has confirmed the rumors. In deed they are planning to do a show in Korea because it was by request from audiences and they are urging people to send in suggestions for the show and to think outside the box. You can send your suggestions for song choice as well as other creative ideas for the show to Some forums reported that Paris By Night in Korea will be number 87, 88 and so forth but they are all false. Remembering that PBN 87 was the Talent Show Finals and 88 will be on Lam Phuong: Duong Ve Que Huong taped in Houston, Texas. There is no set number and or date posted on Thuy Nga’s website suggestion for PBN in Korea but only that the show had difficulties filming and has been postponed to until further notice. From what I know this will be a show plus a tour for a fee of $2,000. You get to watch the show live, and experiences trips around Korea plus other specialties. There is some PDF file on about the day-to-day trip.

Not to spoil your excitement for the show and all, but you have to wonder how many people are going to show up for the show. Yeah in the past PBN did show outside of U.S. but they had a good amount of Vietnamese people living in those countries. But in South Korea, how many people will be willing to fly there to see the show? Also do you think it will be successful? I’m sure in your mind you’re thinking of taking Korean songs and singing it in Vietnamese and that whole ordeal. And I’m sure they will have Korean singers on the show. Great. The only part I’m highly excited for is the documentary if they do any. I love watching the scenery and story about how people are living and things like that. That is why I like Van Son going places and their documentaries too. Man speaking of this I think of Viet Thao eating those foods! Anyway, I wrote an email to PBN with suggestions for the show. Enjoy it below. Be sure to leave a comment about your thoughts. You don’t have to be a member of Blogspot to leave a comment!

Sent @ 11 36pm May 24 2007 to


I want to suggest that PBN try to not take any Korean songs and translate them into Vietnamese and have singers performed them especially popular Korean songs known to many youth group in Korea and most definitely including young Vietnamese audiences. Most likely the song will be "butchered" and ruined when translated since things tend to get lost in translation. If any had to be done, I suggest having actual Korean singers do it instead. I love watching PBN shows and I am somewhat a fan, so I don’t want PBN to go on the footsteps of other productions like Van Son and Tinh Production who had their singers literally took songs from current popular artists and translated the song into some cheesy love song about break ups and missing someone. And as a result I can tell you that many of us young fans were pretty upset! We are not unintelligent young people or are not aware of the kind of music in countries like China, Korea and Japan. So when someone takes music from any of those countries and especially from current popular artists, we know. The songs they take are well known ones that many loved, something like a classic or current trendy song and when it gets redo into Vietnamese automatically it becomes horrible. I’m sure you know singers such as Cat Tien and Andy Quach who are pretty much the two main people who consistently take songs from famous singers outside the country and made it their own. Not only did they not do the song justice; their dance choreography were terrible! If they think by taking popular songs and do their own rendition on it is connecting with the young audiences and satisfying their fans, it is the wrong approach. And I suggest the best approach is to be original and sing good original Vietnamese songs instead of copying others’ work. So from my deepest concern for Thuy Nga venturing into Korea, beware. Thanks for your time in reading this email.

P.S. I hope you find more people like Trinh Lam from the talent show who can produce good Vietnamese songs. "

Haha. Oh and to share something, I was talking to my friend Dinh and we were talking about this topic. She was saying maybe they should do like a half Korean half Viet thing instead of singing the song in all Viet. I suggested that maybe they should copy Asia and have like two people singing one song, one Korean and one Vietnamese singer. You know how Asia does their paring with old and young singers and especially with Thai Doanh Doanh singing half of the song in Chinese and all that. Yea. Then Dinh was saying how they might not read my email. But you know what, I don’t care if they do or not, I warned them. It is up to them now to save their show.

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Myson Nguyen said...

I was very excited to watch Paris By Night in was a large audience in a large stadium with TWO stages. I am very happy of how far Paris By Night has been going.

The beginning of the DVD was very colorful and nice!!