Sunday, May 27, 2007

Poll: Paris By Night, Asia, Van Son or Tinh?

What's your favorite production?
Thuy Nga, Paris By Night
Asia Entertainment
Van Son Production
Tinh Production free polls

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Anonymous said...

I have read what happen to Trinh Hoi & Ky Dyuen.I think its ridiculous for what the ppl did .If they said they are anti-communist,and they didn't like the fact that Trinh Hoi & Ky Duyen do business with Vietnam .Then its all the same to all of you .All of you went back to Vietnam spned lots of money there .That means you bring business to the communist too. U also help them to make them more stronger with your hard working money in the second home that you have been sacrafice to get there .So how you feel about that ? So I don't think you are true anti -communist.Ky Duyen is right you all just try to make a riot .Some people i beleive even do lost of business back in Vietnam.CANADA