Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Artist's Profile: Roni Tran

Pictures taken from Roni's myspace

Basic Infos

Name: Roni Tran
Viet Name: Tran Binh Trong
Birthdate: 6.10.87
Height: 174cm
Origin: Vietnamese
Birthplace: ThaiLand
Raised: Hyvinkää, Finland
Official Myspace:

He came to fame after being in Finland Idols & Finnish Pop Idol. He appeared on Thuy Nga 84 Passport to Music & Fashion singing "Call Me." He released his debut album "Since 1987" in May. "The name of the album indicates to his year of birth but regardless his young age he is becoming a real pops star/ IDOL?" Roni is signed to Sony Records.

My Thoughts:
Roni has a great voice and I really like his singing. His voice is strong and the kind of music he does, is R&B, the kind I like. Paris By Night tends to find different faces from around world. The last one I remembered was Adam Ho. They took him under their wings, and now it is Roni. I'm sure we will see more of Roni on future PBN shows. Also there is this confusing about the name. It is Roni Trong or Roni Tran. On PBN DVD covers and the show they introduced him as Roni Trong but in Finland he is known as Roni Tran. It doesn't matter; I think it will be fine with just one word name, Roni. That's enough.


Anonymous said...

Roni was born on 6.10.07? lol I think you meant 6.10.07 sweetie. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh look, I did the same thing! =P lol I meant to say 6.10.87.

Karly said...

Oh. Thanks. haha yeah 07 its contagious.

Anonymous said...

Adam Ho was a gimmic for them. I think the kid can sing a bit, and talented somewhat. But they hyped him into a great somebody. But look what happen when no one care anymore... off he goes. There is no uniqueness with his voice but probably will beat most people at karaoke. He was a wonder kid. Now, he's not a kid anymore. And tht stuff he did doesnt fit into the image he had anymore.

As for Roni, I thought it's legit good. But I wonder why they dont try to put him on more often. Maybe he only did 3 shows at most starting from his debut.

mashimaro_s25 said...

Roni rock man! he is the bomb!!!
I love his singing and music! = )