Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Artist's Profile: Van Quynh

Stage Name: Vân Quỳnh
Real Name: Trần Thúy Vân Quỳnh
Nick Name: Vi Cute (V.Q)
Birthday: 08/28/1984
Birth place: Sài Gòn
Family: 1 older sister (5 yrs older)
Favorite Food: thịt kho trứng, phở, all Vietnamese foods
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Movie: The Island
Favorite Color: Black, White, Hot Pink
Goal for future: write more original songs, be a better piano player, and be a good person
A daily routine: Practice singing, playing piano, go to school and do homework, hangout w/ close friends, home.

My Thoughts:
Van Quynh is one of my favorite singers. She’s young, talent, and pretty. Her voice is really strong and she sounds amazing. One of my favorite songs from Van Quynh is “Uoc Gi.” Another favorite song is a duet with Bang Kieu call “Dau Co Loi Lam.” She also does great music with Adam Ho, especially Tac Nuoc Dau Dinh. It was great that they took older music and mixes it up. Van Quynh has great potential and she will continue to grow and be successful.


micky said...

Vang quyen has talent but needs to portray her image or do something for herself. She needs to chase her dream and be passionate about it when she's on pbn. She's getting outshined by Angelina Tram Anh and even Quyen Vi. And they're newcomers.

Anonymous said...

You're right! she has the best of all the Thuy Nga female singers. This includes Minh Tuyet, who's voice sounds damaged.

Anonymous said...

yeah, she's a good singer but she needs to be more professional, especially when she is singing live at various cities. She also needs to remember that her personal life should not interfere with her career.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I love her voice like I love Ngoc Lan's voice. Maybe she is too young that's why she acts like one. We don't expect a young person acting like old persons.