Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Growth of Vietnamese Music Industry & Myspace Trend

I remembered back in the days, especially when I was in high school. It was really hard to find any information on Vietnamese artists. All the things I got were old photos from their youth days or bad quality pictures scan from CD covers. There were some interviews here and there that I got from and that were it. The problem is because America is not our home country. We are just settlers here in America and of course that creates a problem for many things. I am just happy that we got this far and we are able to have music videos in our own language and a TV channel like SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network) that caters to the Vietnamese community. It is a progress for our community to have our own thing. Entertainment is a big deal, without it we would be very lonely and sad because it is a form of communication and a way to keep our traditions going and to promote our heritage as well as pass it down to the younger generations that may be lost growing up in America.

Nowadays the Vietnamese entertainment industry changes, and gets bigger everyday, which is a great thing. I can type in a Vietnamese artist name on Google and find tons of related sites and even an official websites that the artists made. There are fan pages by young Vietnamese people, and this is awesome because it shows that the young generation is tuning into the entertainment shows. Besides that, many new entertainment sites such as are popping up on the Internet everyday as well as forums that serve as base for discussion and form of promoting of Vietnamese heritage. I’m so proud of all the progress and I am proud to be Vietnamese and be Asian. We come along way and will continue to grow. has become more than hang out place and a place to keep in touch with old friends. It is a commercial place for the entertainment industry around the world. features artist wannabes and professional artists who want to keep in touch with fans as well as to promoting albums, movies, television shows and more. Myspace is a main attraction for everything; it’s a second television, since people don’t watch television as much anymore. Everything gets transported into the Internet as society involves into a world that is more electronic base and a world wide web. If a television show gets its own Myspace so can your pet. This explains the reason that many artists pick up the new Myspace trend. You can find your favorite artist on Myspace and add them as your friends. Not only are artists on Myspace, but also comedians, MCs, and many others related to the showbiz. Last year I created a Myspace intended to unite/gather up all the artists’ Myspace in one place just for the fun of it. Well the real reason is that it creates easy access for me when I need resources to do post for my blog. Click here to visit my page and browse the artists’ Myspace. However my page do not have all the official Myspace pages of Vietnamese artists and not all are real so when you’re browsing the Myspace pages of your favorite artists beware of imposters. Have fun.


Anonymous said...

This is true, i wanted to find a certain song from a certain singer and i couldn't find it but just recently i searched it again and like a whole list full of it shows. So the vietnamese community is expanding and we're getting known. Cam on nhieu ban for posting this up :)

Anonymous said...

More than half of them can't even sing well enough to be legit. But on MySpace, they act like rock stars. Back in the days, if they're aren't on CD, or VHS, or DVD at some point they are not singer. Now, any good karaoke singers will self proclaim as such as long as they look good enough to be notice.