Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poll: Who's your favorite MC?

Who's your favorite MC?
Nam Loc
Nguyen Ngoc Ngan
Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen
Viet Dung
Viet Thao
Trinh Hoi
Leyna Nguyen
Quynh Huong
Anh Dung
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Dude said...

Nam Loc sucks, I heard he cheated some people out of their real estate properties because they asked him to to have the properties in his name, and later he stole it from them.
Ngoc Ngan is always classy and well mannered in his speech
Ky Duyen without Ngoc Ngan is a dead duck, useless
Viet Dung is great on radio, ok in DVD, but when he try to be funny, he often fails
Trinh Hoi is very vo duyen
Leyna Nguyen should be MC-ing, and it's a good thing she is not
Quynh Huong is ok, havent seen her for a while
Anh Dung is so so to me

Nguyen nhat hanh said...

PEOPLE. Do not buy anything from Nam loc or from his family . His wife is Ngoc Lan and her sister are Ngoc Diep, Thuy Anh, co`n nhie^u` nu*?a (total 12 of them). Da'm be^n vo*. la` da^n gian xa?o la'm. Co' 4 ngu*o*i` em trai cu?a ba` na`y gian la^n cuo'p bo'c cu?a ngu*o*i` ta bi US govertments kick them ve^` VN la^u ro^`i (nha^'t la` te^n Tra^`n huu? phu', Du?ng). Ba` Ngoc Lan vo* Nam Lo^c ru't tuo^i (at least 7 years) ma` anh NL de^'n bi gio` cu?ng kg bie^'t. Gia di`nh ba` na`y ghe^ la'm....gian xa?o la'm qui' vi o*i...coi chu`ng nhe' !!

Nguyen Hoa Binh said...

be very very very with this family...especially ba` NL (wife of Nam Loc and her family) xao tra' kg the tuong tuong duoc. Now they are selling "Herbs" medicines. Please, people be very careful when involve with her family. Ba` gia` Ngoc Lan na`y ru't xuong 10 yrs younger (her whole family),,,ba` na`y xao tra' va` ...pha'ch lo^'i...

Sandy Gin said...

gia dinh NL's wife la da^n "xao tra'". Ba` vo NL and her sister name "Lo^c" dang ba'n "Herbs" (under NamLoc's name. Becareful. These herbs are harmful. They should go to jail, including NL if he's involved.