Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Artist's Profile: Da Nhat Yen

Name: Da Nhat Yen
Fullname: Elysabeth Da Loc T. Vu
Birthdate: October 12
Horoscope: Libra
Birthplace: TPHCM (Saigon), Vietnam
Occupation: Dance & Singer, Currently working with Asia Entertainment
Likes: Coffee, tea, shopping, eating, sleeping late, whipped cream
Heroes: God, grandmother, all dog lovers, Karen from will and grace

My Thoughts: I used to like Da Nhat Yen when she first sang on Asia. I thought she was an interesting singer, however later on I just don’t enjoy her performances as much anymore. When I post artists’ profile on this blog, I don’t just put up the singers I like. I want to a variety of singers and bring attention to certain ones. I find that Da Nhat Yen has something special. She’s one of those singers, that doesn’t get too much attention or talk about from the media and we often tend to forget about as well. Also I want to know if there is any fans of Da Nhat Yen out there that are reading this right now, if so please comment. Maybe tell why you like her or anything about her that catches your attention.


suongie said...

hrmn i like da nhat yen.. but when shes with asia.. they just dont choose the best songs for her.. she has a strong voice.. they let her sing kidish songs... all they do for her is prove tnat she can dance.

Toronto Resident said...

Her voice is not that strong and deep. Her apperance is ok except for the "rang khenh" which is not considered pretty in American culture. She is not suitable for hot songs like rock because her smile will cool down all the fire !

micky said...

DNY is not a very strong singer when she sings. She has a special sound added to her voice when sings solo. She normally sings with cardin or Trish or a new singer, Doan Phi as like a sidekick so to say. She's not cut out for pop. The only thing is she can dance but Doan Phi is right behind her and reaching the best dancer throne. He's so charismatic and full of energy. While DNY sometimes slops a move when she doesn't want to mess upo her hair or something.

Anonymous said...

DNY needs to fix her "rang khenh" look weird!


Anonymous said...

I hope she tops the US chart with her new song SO GOOD TO BE WRONG. She is debuting with the name YENN. Please support her! I hope she can make it big like BoA...or top her!

Anonymous said...

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