Friday, August 10, 2007

Are Singers Paying Their Way to Fame?

We all know that there is prices to pay for fame and fortune and especially in such an entertainment industry anything can happen for one to reach to the top. However are there some Vietnamese singers paying production companies to be on their taping show? According to insider sources, this seems to be the case and Truong Vu was said to pay Thuy Nga a couple thousands to be on the show when he was not at all popular. Truong Vu as most know is a very talented and well-known singer who appears on almost all big and small productions. If he indeed paid his way to fame, he probably made up for it by now. If such a big production as Thuy Nga would do such a thing that would be very scandalous. And no one forgot the story that involved Thuy Nga’s ex singer Thien Kim. Thuy Nga worked hard from the old days to become today’s number Vietnamese music production and of course along the way there must be some business tricks here and there. Nevertheless this is only mere circulation without much evident. Although this would make an interesting story for news, I believe that you could offer all the money you have to buy your fame but if you have no talent, money won’t take you far. True talents will mostly shine through and people will take notice. Sources also said that Hollie Thanh Ngọc, another singer from Thuy Nga did the same to be on the show.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Thuy Nga will let people sing on their Dvds for 10k (2 songs). It might be possible that Truong Vu used to pay to be on PBN. But he has such exception voice and well trained that I lean toward him not having to pay to be on.

lidadi said...

I heard that Thien Kim slept with Thuy Nga's son in law (the producer) and that was why she got kicked off their show and end up with Asia. TK has a very foul mouth when she speaks in public.

Anonymous said...

I heard the same as you lidadi about TK too