Friday, August 31, 2007

Artist's Profile: Lam Nhat Tien

Name: Kevin Lam Nhat Tien
Date of Birth: Sept 3rd 1971
Place of Birth: Saigon, Vietnam
Height: 5'9''
Weight 152 lbs
Family: 2 brothers, 4 sisters
Languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese and French
Hobbies: Watching movie, fishing, and traveling
Favorite Exercise: Jogging
Favorite Colors: cream brown and black
Favorite Style of Clothing: Clothes make out of wool and cotton
Favorite Food and Drinks: Chinese and Italian foods, fried tofu dipped in soysauce, coconut juice, seafood
Official Website:
Official Myspace:

My Thoughts:
I like Lam Nhat Tien when I started watching Asia. Beside his great voice, he looks very good as well. He captured my attention the first time I saw him. He has this sultry look in his eyes that holds a lot of wonders. His voice is not too soft but a bit husky and warming. I like Lam Nhat Tien as an artist and he is definitely one of favorites. Recently there are lots of gossips about his drug addiction and I just want to wish him the best and hope he will get better and make a clean return.


Anonymous said...

I missed him from PBN.
Is he not performing at all now?

Karly said...

I am not sure about his recent conditions. I think he is still singing and all at least for Asia. I read some rumors about him going back to drugs after coming clean on Asia.. I hope it's not true. I want him to get better and all. I noticed in the Asia video when he sang with Nguyen Hong Nhung that he gained weight.

Anonymous said...

i missed his voice and his performance too. What ashame about the rumour. I hope it is not true. You had a good shot of him.
Love him always.