Asia 55 Thoughts

I’m always late on these things; it takes me awhile to finish it watching. This is not a review on Asia 55: 75 Nam Am Nhac Vietnam 2, Hat Voi Than Tuong though because I have not seen all of the show, but I want to quickly comment on it. I didn’t plan to watch any of Asia’s videos because as I stated in my earlier post to why I don’t watch Asia anymore... it sucks basically. However, my sister invited me to watch it with her and so I did hoping that it wouldn’t be so bad. In Asia 55, although the stories on the icons of Vietnamese music was interesting to watch and to know, I could not stay any longer to watch. After I saw like up to number 12 out of 31 performances I left. Asia didn’t change a bit.

The opening act was bad because Da Nhat Yen and Don Ho was not a good pairing and doing a medley in the first act singing “Ghe Ben Saigon” was weak of an opening. I really dislike Asia for pairing so many people together, redoing old songs and hiring new MCs all the time. It seems that with Thuy Duong joining Asia, Leyna Nguyen is being let go. Back to the performances, Thai Doanh Doanh looked so old!!! She looked like an expired doll and it was just bad. She is getting worse every show. And her comment about not visiting Vietnam until it has democracy was like… ok? When is that going to be? We probably won’t live that long to see it, so I hope she really meant that. Because if anyone caught her going to Vietnam, uh oh! You are supporting the “commies” lets boycotting you. Lol. Seriously that probably could happen considering how aggressive and bullying the anti-Viet Cong people are in America. Also Dalena looked really scary, I think the make up person put too much on her. As for her singing partner, Anh Khoa he looked the same after many years, still very sad looking. The real entertaining part that I watched was Mai Le Huyen, because she was really rocking it. Last but not least Kim Tieu Long got me glued to the screen. I like him. So other people who saw Asia 55, please comment and fill me in with the rest of the show. Thanks. One last thing though I could not believe they paired Nguyen Hong Nhung with Lam Nhat Tien for the last performance. I saw it on You Tube and someone was like wow a porno star and a drug addict and I laughed out loud. I still like Lam Nhat Tien though no matter what, and as for Nguyen Hong Nhung I don’t even know much about her.