Friday, August 31, 2007

Back To School!

A picture I took on my first day back. It is from one of the buildings on campus.

Hey everyone, since school started I wasn’t able to do much updating so I hope you understand. School is so blah! There are so much reading and little assignments that drive me crazy. One thing good though or two is that my classes are very interesting and my teachers are very nice, caring and love what they do that makes me stay away in class and also inspired me to learn. However, I’m still not getting used to waking up early and having so much work. Maybe later on I will, but for now I’m going to rant! HAHA. For those who are in school, how do you feel? You like your classes and teachers so far?

P.S. Although I might not post regularly, when I have time and if there are interesting things, I will post a bunch! So watch out! Take care.

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