Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lam Truong Will Represent Vietnam At an Asian Concert

picture taken from Lam Truong's official website

"Vietnamese singer Lam Truong will perform alongside other well-known Asian singers at the 2007 Asia Song Festival to be held at Seoul stadium in the Republic of Korea on September 22.

According to organisers, tickets for the festival, which is considered one of the greatest musical events of the year on the continent, can be downloaded free from the festival’s official website that will be launched some time this September.

Lam Truong is the only singer from Vietnam that will be present at the event alongside such names as Lee Hyori, Super Junior and SG Wannabe from the Republic of Korea; famous boy band F4 and Cheung Amei from Taiwan; as well as others from China, Hong Kong and Thailand.

According to Sin Hyeon-taek, Chairman of the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange, the purpose of the event is to help contribute to Asian cultural exchanges. (Source: KBS, Dan Tri) "

My Thoughts: This is an interesting event, though my friend said why Lam Truong. They couldn't have anyone else...she said. Besides those people mentioned in the artile, Vicki Zhao from China and maybe Golf and Mike from Thailand will be there? This event seems to be very fun. Hmm. I came across the news from and decided to post it. And since it is already in English I didn't have to translate and so I got lazy and quoted the article instead. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Lam Truong is the right person to represent Vietnam? Why or why not?

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Anonymous said...

I'm very excited to see this. I thought it was out already, but I can see it's not. I watched last year, and I really like it. It has all different stars from all different countries.

What's the problem with Lam Truong? He sings well, looks good, interact well with fans, and speak English.