Monday, August 20, 2007

Let’s Compete – Upcoming Shows

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I love it when the productions compete. I am talking about Asia, Paris By Night and Van Son. When one show is doing a theme, the other does a similar or the opposite or so it seems. Van Son went to Korea, so did Thuy Nga. And after Thuy Nga did their show in Korea that included a traveling package, Van Son follows the footsteps by doing the same except in Cambodia. I am not saying which production is copying one another but I think its strictly business and I find it to be exciting. I mean they are working hard of us, the audience. When businesses compete, it is a good for thing the general public. I can’t wait to see all of the upcoming shows.

One of my most anticipating show is from Van Son, the two shows in Cambodia and Singapore. Van Son is also doing one on Mothers. But I’m more excited to see the portrait for Vietnamese women from Thuy Nga. Also I can’t wait to see Paris By Night in Korea, hope it doesn’t suck.

Once again I ask for your thoughts. So feel free to comment on what you are looking forward to watching and your thoughts on production shows doing similar theme.

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