Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ooh La La!

1. Ooh La La
2. Khi Xua Yeu Nhau
3. Quen Di Anh
4. Hay Noi Loi Dau Yeu - with Nguyen Thang
5. Shake Your Body
6. Tell Me Where It Hurts
7. Mot Thoang Yeu Nhau - with Hero
8. Em Van Cho
9. Tinh Con Phong Ba
10. Lien Khuc Va Toi Cung Yeu Anh
11. Canh Chim Lac Loai - with VPOP
12. Lien Khuc Material Girl - with Vy

Cat Tien’s new CD is out in stores. I haven’t listen to her new CD yet, but from reading the track listing, this is another unoriginal CD produced. I heard the song Ooh La La already in Van Son 36 in Taiwan and wasn’t impressed. The song Ooh La La was originally sung by a Thai group, Show Girls. If you purchased and listened to the CD, please leave a comment. Do you like it?



James said...

Wow, the Ooh La La song in Thai is so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

sounds weird since i'm not use to hearing thai songs. but the video is quite good!

Yen said...

Why am i not surprised that another viet star is doing a cover? i.e cat tien (ooh la la), nguyen thang (maroon 5's this love), andy quach (all translated chinese songs+ dodgy dance moves) to name a few- i really wish they had more talent to produce some of their own music instead of cuxrifying other people's music... And if they do do covers pls make sure its better than the original!

Karly said...

Well these are singers not song writers, the problem is the lacking of people who have talents and want to produce songs. Viet songs are the best before 75... (Or so.. in the old days) when people are in their home country and all. Nowadays people don’t get pay much, they lost much inspirations to create it. And it is just not a career people want to devote a lot of time to. So then we get young writers who produce childish songs, about cheesy love.. or redo of old songs, or translate, the most popular method. It is all to blame here.. There are reasons why. That’s all

Yen said...

Thanks Karly for the insight, how do you know so much about the vietnamese entertainment industry? how do you find the time? and by the way i really appreciate your thoughts and opinions in this website... I find it hilarious, refreshing and intellectually stimulating.

Karly said...

Thanks Yen for taking time to read my posts. I guess I'm just interested in the Viet Ent. Industry partly is because I'm Vietnamese, and also I just don't see many sites out there cater to the younger generation, no news in English or anything fun, gossip-y. I know so much from Googling, reading around, and stuff I hear here and there. As for the time... I'm on summer break right now, other times I just try to find time.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karly to a degree, I think it's an issue even with Vietnamese country music. FYI Vietnamese music does get copied by many foreign countries and the composers don't get a cent for it. There are a lot of foreign artists who don't ask for permission to use the song from the composer! How sad is that, considering that the composers of country music are the elderly... and a few live in poverty! (Not to mention it costs money to buy copyrights). But you have the few like Tuan Ngoc who compose English/(French) songs and sell them to other artists... I think another reason that there aren't many Vietnamese lyricists is because there isn't a global market for nhac tre. In Vietnam there are budding composers, but they don't just mass produce these songs. It's a matter of inspiration... and I guess incentive such as royalties etc. wouldn't hurt. Plus, nhac tre doesn't get the support it needs. For example, Bao Thy (Vietnam) is being ridiculed for including 3 (of 8) covers on her album, of which 5 are original including one song that she wrote herself. In terms of acknowledgment, there is probably no law that requires any artist to label originally sung by etc. If they have copyright permission they can cover it. Coming back to Bao Thy she specifically labeled "foreign music". How much further acknowledge goes in terms of the composer I'm not sure, I don't have the album. Anyway, just to set things straight, I support Vietnamese artists. We don't always produce AMAZING songs but it's a starting point.