Monday, August 13, 2007

Paris By Night 88 Review

I finally finished watching Paris By Night 88: Lam Phuong- Duong Ve Que Huong today, so I thought I post up my comments while it is still fresh in my mind. Overall the show was successful for Thuy Nga. They really did try many new things including having the MCs moved around and interacted with audiences, (even though this one isn’t that new), and trying to sing LIVE. I was quite touched watching the videos about Lam Phuong and even cried on the last song Mot Minh by Huong Giang. It was nice to see Nguyen Ngoc Ngan. As for Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen she seemed to have lost weight and was looking great. One thing though, it seems that Thuy Nga is pairing up more people now and doing group songs more? I hope it is only for this theme because they want to get to most of songs by Lam Phuong. I would hate it if they start to be like Asia. Also there seems to not be many singers in this PBN 88 because many people came back to sing numerous of time?

The opening song was very colorful and was refreshing to see the talent show contestants again, Huy Tam, Huong Giang, Ngoc Loan, and Quynh Vi. The third song into the show was with Mai Quoc Huy and Che Linh. MQH sounded so much like Che Linh. I thought he has a good voice just that his face was a bit pale. The performance with Ngoc Loan and Nhu Loan was cute but Ngoc Loan I think her voice doesn’t work with the song. I think she sounds best singing folk songs. I thought Manh Quynh and Truong Vu did well. I love Bang Kieu’s performance, his voice was in good shape and he sounded great. It was funny when he finished singing and some lady yelled out, “ sing more”. Haha. The medley musical skit was good, however Nhu Quynh looked withered and in bad shape as far as appearance. She is not as fresh looking. I guess the baby ruined her body a lot. She reminds me of how Britney Spears turned out. And more to it, she had to be in braids and act as young woman and that didn’t look good. But her voice is still as good as ever. As for the whole arrangement for the performance, I must say that Asia makes better war related scenes. Thuy Nga’s arrangement for the people and their clothes didn’t look real or realistic, like wearing a nice long dress while in the boat running away. But of course no one can beat Asia when it comes to anything to do with Vietnam War and remembering it. Haha.

When MCs Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Ky Duyen came down to interact with the audiences to buy some time for the people to set the stage it was fun. I hope they do it more regularly though. I thought the audiences sang well, better than some professional singers. (LOL, JK). Comedy plays are always something I look forward to watching for any production. This particular one in PBN 88 with Chi Tai and Hoai Linh wasn’t at all funny, but it was fun to watch. The next performance by Duong Trieu Vu and Trinh Lam was not good because they didn’t fully express the emotions of the songs Say and Lầm. Trinh Lam didn’t look like he was sad but he kind of rocked it out toward the end. I think Nguyen Hung did a better job than these two. One thing though, when Ky Duyen read the punishments for drunk driving in different countries, I thought it was awkward when she was laughing about it. It was rather sad that people were killed for drunk driving and shot off. I think people who live in the United States really have the easier way out for many things. Well, back to the performances I thought Minh Tuyet did a good job and I actually watched it fully without forwarding. The last performance by Huong Giang I also watched fully. I guess the video with Lam Phuong in the background caught my attention so I watched it. I was thinking at that time how one of the judges from the talent show said that Huong Giang didn’t have enough experience to fully express the emotion of the song when she sang Co Phai Em Mua Thu Ha Noi. So I thought Thuy Nga arranged a video of Lam Phuong this time so she could look at to developed some emotions. Haha. But I think she improved a lot and you can tell listening to her voice that it was fuller. Yes, I cried--- I was sad seeing Lam Phuong struggling in the video. Well that is it for my review. If you saw Paris By Night 88, feel free to leave a comment about it.

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