Friday, August 10, 2007

Trịnh Lam's CD: Tại sao?

To hear preview of the songs go to

1. Tại sao?
2. Chạy trốn tình yêu.
3. Chia tay em nhé.
4. Đi về nơi xa.
5. Biển chiều.
6. Lại một lần nữa.
7. Men say nồng.
8. Thêm một lần yêu thương – Ft. Quỳnh Vi.
9. Tình khuất tầm tay.
10. Thà rằng.
11. Chợt như năm 18.
12. Vì thế.

After being successful as a contestant on Paris By Night Talent Show 2007, Trinh Lam went to release his CD album featuring the famous single Tai Sao? August 9, 2007. The song was highly known when Trinh Lam wrote and sung it live at the Thuy Nga’s talent show. Even though he did not win the title, he won the judges’ award and received a contract with Thuy Nga. It seems that Trinh Lam’s success in the music biz will continue to rise. Other contestants also made it big such as Huong Giang, Mai Tien Dung, and Quynh Vi. It is a good start for the Vietnamese music industry when we are getting new faces and new talents. Show your support for Trinh Lam by purchasing his CD. Also I'm sure we will get to see David Meng's CD soon...

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