Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Vietnamese Movies

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There are many good Vietnamese singers, but when it comes to movies there are only a few. This is actual truth, and many Vietnamese know that. I’m talking about Vietnam movies made in Vietnam in general that were really horrible. Maybe there were good ones like really way back like Trà Hoa Nữ or something but around the 1990s the movies were really bad. The storyline was a cliché and the casting was the same people over and over again because there were few actors back then. You might remember Lý Hùng and Việt Trinh who were like the two main people cast in movies as lovers and endure hardship to be together. And mostly the girl’s family is poor and the guy gets involved with a gang. Yeah, that was Vietnamese movies. However there were some movies I like, like the one starring Lý Hùng and Kim Khánh (who is a beauty queen, model and singer), “Đoạn Cuối Ở Bangkok,” “Áo Gió Bụi Hồng” and “Cô Người Mẩu Của Tôi”. There were more but I cannot recall at the moment. Those movies were pretty good and the acting was by far real and not fake or awkward. Nowadays the movies are improving a lot and some of them are actually good with a variety of casting. And some you should just avoid. Luckily for me I seen many good ones a very few bad ones. Below are some that I recommend that are good to watch.

Ngã Rẽ Cuộc Đời (Dramatic, Romance, good cast)
Nhịp Đập Trái Tim (Modern- closest to Korean Drama)
Giã Từ Dĩ Vãng (Modern-Good acting, drama, family struggle)
Giao Thời (Modern-Realistic storyline, good acting, casting)
Đồng Tiền Sương Máu (Modern- reflects society issues, convincing acting)

Watchable, Ok.
Dông Tố (Drama ancient, twisted)
Tội Phạm (Modern, a girl hung with the wrong crowd)
Không Thể Rẽ Trái (Modern-Alright, typical triangle story)
Những Cô Gái Chân Dài (Modern-interesting story, models, nice music)

Please Avoid!!!
39 Độ Tình Yêu (Modern-Unrealistic dialogues and bad acting- stiff!)

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Anonymous said...

I'm delighted that there's a site such as yours that shared opinions on vietnamese celebs, which I think they need because most interviews or magazine articles are too goodie goodie, but more profoundly share entertainment information on the music and movie productions made by the vietnamese. Keep up the work. =)

Back to vietnamese movies...I've seen only one or two old movies (50's-70's) and they were suprisingly impressive. I wish we could make movies like that again.