Wednesday, August 08, 2007

You Gotta Buy The CD!

Credit CD cover to Thuy Nga Online

01. Yêu Một Người, Sống Bên Một Người
02. Giữa Ðôi Mình - Ft. Mai Tiến Dũng
03. Những Ân Tình Xưa - Ft. Bằng Kiều
04. Ở Nơi Ðó Em Cười
05. Chỉ Cần Anh Thôi
06. Giấc Mơ Mình Em
07. Mất Nhau Trong Ðời - Ft. Thaifoon
08. Ngỡ Như Là Giấc Mơ
09. Người Ở Lại
10. Làm Sao Em Biết
11. Vầng Trăng Ðêm Trôi

After all the big scandals surrounding Minh Tuyet’s New CD: Yeu Mot Nguoi, Song Ben Moi Nguoi you have to go buy the CD. Haha. Two people I think for copyrights issue sued Thuy Nga and also the design of CD was called out for copying Beyonce’s B Day CD. So much attention to the CD, it must be a sold out! Personally I like Minh Tuyet and I think she is a good artist with a really good voice. I believe that part of the sued for copyrights were partly because Thuy Nga is doing so well in the biz so there is always going to be some small rocks in the road. As for the design thing, who cares! I hope her new CD does well, and the scandals are only helping the CD so it is all good. Also the CD features Mai Tien Dung, Bang Kieu & Thaifoon, so that's going to be interesting.

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