Saturday, September 08, 2007

PBN 89 Review

Paris By Night 89 in Korea was very anticipated but when I was finished watching it, all I can say was that it was okay. PBN 89 didn’t wow me but it was just all right. First off I want to say that I enjoy watching the clips of documentary. Those were touching to watch and to know about especially that one story about the captain of a ship who made a decision to save the boat people. Also it was great to hear about the connection between Vietnam and Korea when they introduced the one guy who was the 31st generation of King Ly’s family. And on to something else less of importance but the stage design and background area where MCs Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen stood was very nice looking, reflected somewhat of the middle east. Also Ky Duyen looks very pretty and I like her many dresses.

Minh Tuyet opened the show with Typhoon and set the stage for more to come. I was pretty excited to see what’s up next. So without knowing that Trinh Lam was up next I thought it was David Meng by the way the MCs were announcing the upcoming act and it only seem fair that it would be David? I like Trinh Lam from the talent show because I felt that he has talent and I love his song Tai Sao? However, Trinh Lam's attitude seems very "I’m ALL THAT"! In one of the Vietnamese magazine, there was an interview with Trinh Lam and the whole thing was in English! Um… okay? It’s a Vietnamese magazine, and everything else is in Vietnamese but that interview? And I know Trinh Lam knows Vietnamese very well. SO WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? (My sister who wanted to read about it couldn’t because she doesn’t know English well). Lastly I dislike how Trinh Lam puts his Myspace & website url tag on every pictures from his myspace. Is it necessary? If he worries about stealing, it’s the Internet for crying out loud. And fans that want to make him a banner or wallpaper, BAM that tag is there! IT’S BIG TOO! Back to David Meng, I feel sad for him because he isn’t getting much promotion from Thuy Nga. And my sister added her side comment saying that he won the $10k. YEAH BUT all went to charity! Where is his CD? (Trinh Lam has one already). David’s not even on that much production show. I’m telling you winning is not all that matters because when you win the people are obligated to promote you but when you don’t win and they want you anyway, now that’s something. Anyway, David Meng did show up, but at number 25 on the song list. Once again singing a Kasim song, but this time he improved BIG time in his singing and performance. There was definitely more emotion put into the song and you can tell by his facial expression that was very convincing. He did a good job. BUT ONLY though that he didn’t dress like he was going to be the best man at a wedding.

After Trinh Lam was Y Lan who spoke way too much! JUST SING ALREADY! I must say though, she looked young for her age. It goes for Khanh Ly too who looked really good – plastic surgery does wonder. The veteran singers are very good singers but there is a new pool of younger people who also sings the same older type music and with an equal to even better voice. Mai Quoc Huy is a good example. The guy has an amazing voice that sounds so much like Che Linh or someone else? Who knows, but he’s definitely got a career up a head for him. Next up were Van Quynh and Huong Giang. Van Quynh who said in an interview that she only looks good at from the face up because her body is very short and isn’t that great. And Huong Giang who won so many fans from PBN Talent Show 2007 looks so skinny and wrinkly in this peformance. The camera likes to zoom on Van Quynh’s face that looked gorgeous but Huong Giang was so eekk! Don’t get me wrong, she’s pretty and all but there was something wrong. By the way, we won’t see Roni for a while; he’s joining the army. I don’t get still why they refer to him as Roni Trong vs Roni Tran.

OKAY! The comedy with Hoai Linh, Chi Tai and Huu Loc was so bad; it has to be worse that I ever saw. It was completely pointless and doesn’t have a storyline. Everything about it was forced! The jokes were dry and like ha ha nothing there. I was very disappointed because comedy acts are a big part of what I watch for in any production show since I forward mostly everything else. So like my friends warned me about Ho Le Thu’s MTV with a hot Korean guy, but when I saw it for myself I really see what they meant. Ho Le Thu looked like the guy’s mom! NO… well ok, his sister but yeah you can see the extreme there. By the way my friend wanted me to mention that the quality of Ho Le Thu’s MTV is different from the others one in term of clearness while the other ones like of Ngoc Lien was blurry and looked Photoshop. NHU QUYNH! The two guys in the audience who came from Vietnam was saying how they wanted to see Nhu Quynh and she was like their favorite singer from Thuy Nga. I feel sad for them because now if they want to see Nhu Quynh, they have to watch Asia. And we all know Asia for the most part is a regular ban in Vietnam for their topics against Viet Cong. I guess they can “illegally” watch only Nhu Quynh’s part on You Tube or something. Good luck. Nhu Quynh definitely lost her baby weight; she looks more fit and thinner now.

Luong Tung Quang has love problems? Ky Duyen interviewed him and he said although he is a known singer on stage and all but he’s still a person – human and so he cannot escape from having problem with love- breakup and all. I wonder who broke up with whom. (I’m being nosy here). Nhu Loan and Loan Chau were up next and they need to eat more. FASHION SHOW by Calvin Hiep (who looks like Hiep Sy Mu) and Thai Nguyen (Nhu Quynh’s brother?). The clothing from Calvin Hiep looked the same, similar to his usual work. There was nothing new or an improvement. As for Thai Nguyen, I don’t know about his design but I like his hair do… it was like a Mohawk- really nice! Mai Tien Dung was next along with Sunny Luong. (With or without glasses that is the question). I wasn’t use to him without the glasses but nevertheless he looks good still. The song was very upbeat and kept my attention. Mai Tien Dung was definitely in his nature as he was very comfortable dancing around and his face was very excited and joyful. On the other hand, Sunny Luong’s face was stiff and he didn’t look like he was enjoying it or having fun. It was a BIG comparison there between stage performances from the two. Quynh Vi sang next and she sounded good as usual and with make up and all she was pretty. Lastly, Luu Bich who I felt I haven’t seen in ages! Thuy Nga save her for last; the best for last I hope? THE END!


Duy3nsterrxD said...

i agree with almost EVERYTHING you said in the review. I felt the same way. it was just OKAY. it didn't WOW me! im young so i always look for songs that capture my attention and song are well young and upbeat. the first with Minh Tuyet was great and i like the rapping. You know how some vietnamese guy just cant rap at all? well, that dude that sang with Minh Tuyet was great! When it comes to Nhac Que Huong, I don't really know that much......leaves it to my parent and older relative. They are a HUGE fan of Nhu Quynh and Quang Le! My favorite would have to be Roni and Huynh Gia Tuan. (by the way, i really wants to know what you think about him!) =] Cuz i absolutely ADORE him. the song was nice............the dancing and outfit.........urg.....not so great. just my opinion. SUnny and Mai Tung Dung (sorry if there is any name spelling error!) was great and Sunny did look stiff. but his voice were great. Okay......the Hai Kich sorry, but it was weird and make no sense. It keeps me thinking: What's the Point?
I love the comedians..........they are great! But the script.....i don't know.

with respect,

ps: I love your blog! And sorry if this is a lil too long. heheehe!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog. Thank you.