Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dam Vinh Hung's New Image

I haven’t been following up on Dam Vinh Hung but wow, what a big change. The last time I saw him was when he had the dyed hair and an energetic look. However, when I see his new image, I am a bit drawn back. I’m not saying that I like his earlier look; but his newer image looks very foreign. I almost didn’t recognize him. His image is much more mature and older. Is Dam Vinh Hung promoting a new movie? Oh wait he’s a singer. He is however promoting his album, “Hanh Phuc Lang Thang,” a double CD album. Interesting. A friend of mine said he’s trying to be Korean. I did see the connecting. I guess because his new album features some romantic songs so he decided to dress up for it. Did you guys listen to the album? What you think? Also how do you feel about his new looks?


Jake said...

his new album is super good...and my mom thinks his new look is sexxii..hahaha

Anonymous said...

DVH is still number 1 on my list of viet singers. His voice resonate with me and this new album is great. I sincerely hope his success continues and all the best to mr. dam.

Love your music,
Lien P.