Monday, October 01, 2007

Van Son 37 In The Kingdom Of Cambodia

1.Dao Nghia Giang Ho - Viet Thao, Bao Liem, Van Son, Kim Tien
2.The Kingdom Of Cambodia - Viet Thao
3.Canh Sen Ky Niem - Ha Vy
4.Angkor Wat - Viet Thao
5.Baby I Love You - Andy Quach
6.Angkor Tom - Viet Thao
7.Lang Cham Que Em - Che Linh
8.De Thien De Thich - Viet Thao
9.Chuyen Tinh Thao Nguyen - Phi Nhung
10.Hu Tieu Nam Vang - Viet Thao
11.Nguoi Hung - Ngo Thanh Van
12.Cay Thot Not - Viet Thao
13.Tinh Cay Thot Not - Nha Thanh
14.Mua Apsara - Viet Thao
15.Nu Cuoi Rat La - Tinna Tinh
16.Xom Moi, Mam Bo Hoc - Viet Thao
17.Khi Khong Co Tinh Yeu - Nguyen Khang
18.Nhen Hang - Viet Thao
19.Trang Son Cuoc - Ngoc Ha
20.Lang Noi Viet Nam - Viet Thao
21.Dung Buoc - Truong Vu
22.Nghe Nuoi Ca Tren Bien Ho - Viet Thao
23.Loi Nguyen - Diem Lien
24.Bua Luoi Tren Bien Ho - Viet Thao
25.Hanh Phuc Em Dem - Cat Tien
26.Tre Em Viet Nam Tren Bien Ho- Viet Thao
27.Tinh Nguoi Xu La - Truong Vu, Phi Nhung
28.Killing Field S21 Gennocide - Viet Thao
29.Sac Mau - Nguyen Hong Nhung
30.Cau Saigon - Viet Thao

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Le said...

I watched it, I thought the beginning was funny, the music wasn't too great, but the ending documentary on the Cambodian Genocide was touching, I like how Van Son explores and informs us about Vietnamese communities of other countries.