Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Sex Scandal?

Besides the infamous “One Night in Paris” and a whole lot of American celebrity sex tapes exposure, this year Vietnamese celebrities take on the heat for their sex scandal controversy. First off, young TV actress from Vietnam, “Nhat Ky Vang Anh” starred Hoang Thuy Linh got her news blast not long ago for the sex tape released all over the Internet with an ex boyfriend. Although the consequences turned out great for Paris, it did not do the same for Thuy Linh who is only 19 years old. The popular TV series “Nhat Ky Vang Anh” was canceled and created great amount of controversy for the young actress and her family. For many years chaste before marriage has always been an important thing in the Vietnamese tradition. And although we are living in a modern society, lots of the traditions still remain for families today. And especially for someone as young as Thuy Linh, who is seen as a role model for many young girls who saw the TV show to be expose of such scandal. It’s a shocker. A marriage proposal is said to be undergoing from Thuy Linh’s ex boyfriend’s family and also an apology for the foolish act of their son.

One fire cools down, another one erupts with singer Thu Phuong who moved to the States not long ago. After coming back from Vietnam, rumors flared about her alleged sex tape. Although it has not yet been confirmed, sources claimed they saw a 3-minute segment of the video zooming close on singer Thu Phuong making love. Already news is spreading over the Internet before appearing on local Vietnamese newspapers and magazines. How will fans of Thu Phuong react to the alleged rumor? And will the singer speak out about it? What are you thoughts and comments?


Anonymous said...

i don't know who these girls are but in a way i'm glad these stories are out there as warning to young ladies are over the globe about our ancient culture... although we are living in modern society... asian people still live close knit... and these acts are disgrace to the entire family... be young, have fun, do whatever young people do, but skip things that will come back and haunt u forever... that's all...

Anonymous said...

Thu Phuong cung dong phim sex, roi Thuy Linh la child star, giong nhu la nguoi ma dieu khien truong trinh cua thieu nhi tren tivi.

Thuy Linh cung quay phim sex voi ban trai minh, roi khong biet sao lai lot len tren mang.