Sunday, November 04, 2007

Blue Wave Awards: Lam Truong – Singer of the Year

17:17' 02/11/2007 (GMT+7)

VietNamNet Bridge – For the second time the organising board of the music award Blue Wave didn’t present a Female Singer of the Year award, while the Male Singer of the Year award was presented to Lam Truong.

The ceremony took place last night at the Ca Vang Performance Centre in HCM City.

Overcoming Dam Vinh Hung, Dan Truong and Quang Dung, Lam Truong became male singer with the most outstanding musical production and performances in 2007. He said that the award is the impetus for his music projects at home and abroad next year.

This year, the “Promising Face” award belonged to Thuy Tien and Dang Khoi. The best music studio is Viet Tan and the best harmony mixer is Vo Thien Thanh.

The awards ceremony attracted more than 1,000 audience members. At the ceremony, the organisers called for the audience to vote for 10-year Blue Wave Awards.

(Source: VNE) Also check out Blue Wave Music Awards 2007: not much changes

My Thoughts:
I don't know much about Blue Wave Awards, but I want to congratulate Lam Truong on his winning. However, reading the article it seems like the award is not very good. I'm not sure how accurate or serious it is, if it is just giving out awards just to do it. If you read the second article about nothing changes in the award this year compared to previous years, it seems like something is wrong. Even if an artist is great and remain on the top. However, awards show should acknowledge other people and give others a fair chance.


Le said...

For some reason I"m not a big fan of Lam Truong's music...I'm all about Dan Truong and Van Quang Long. hehe. But congrats to him and To Dang Khoi and Thuy Tien - *Love love love Co Be Mua DOng*

Lihncita uh huh said...

Well, I am his big fan!!

His voice make me feel like I am listening to music and enjoy the beautiful of the musical.

I actually understand more about musical when I started listen to his music, it just that incredible voice.

He has such a warm, and nice voice!!

" Love you and your songs"
~ Lamlinh loves Photography

Linh said...

Good job!! Lamtruong!!

keep it up!! I'll always here and waiting for your new songs!!!

"Chuc anh gap nhieu thanh cong trong cong viec "

~Lamlinh loves Photography!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Lam Truong!

i think hwe deserved the title though i also think many other singers deserve it too :)

Lol. but at least someones happy!