Sunday, November 25, 2007

The New Face of Viet Model

Photo by Freedom

Thuy Thanh Tran also known as Alex Tran is the winner of Top Viet Model 2007 of Modeling Project, LLC in August. Alex competed against 30 other contestants from the states and also from Canada. At the end of the night, 1,000 people witnessed Alex Tran from Garland Texas took home the title along with 10,000 dollars. Alex is the new face of Viet Model today.

She appeared on the front covers of Nha Magazine and Tre Magazine. Alex was also on many television shows and appeared on Asia 56 Mua He Ruc Ro - Yeu Doi Yeu Nguoi as well as Miss Vietnam USA pageant. Alex is also working with to help create new t-shirt designs.

This is the first top model show from Modeling Project, LLC with goals to create diversity and open up the opportunity for Vietnamese models in American mainstream. The project wants to “promote and expose the vital role that Vietnamese partake within our multicultural nation and to enhance the overall perception of the Vietnamese ethnicity.” And further expand the entertainment industry in North America and beyond for young Vietnamese future generation that has become one of the fast growing ethnicity group today.

See some videos about Vietnamese Modelling Project.


netescape said...

she's pretty ... watched her on tv the other day ... just wondering why most of the models look mean when they walk ... no smiling at all :-)

Karly said...

Hi. Thanks for leaving a comment.

I heard somewhere that the mean face is supposed to take the attention away from the model and onto the clothes they model for and also it show a kind of high fashion, professionalism.

Alex_Tran said...

Hi this is Alex =)
just wanted to say Thank You for writing such a good and informative article on Viet Model Project as well as myself. This is my first time on the blog and I'm loving each post!

Karly's response is exactly right about the 'mean look'. BUT in the end its up to the designer on what the feel of the show should be such as flirty for Victoria's Secret and smiling for GAP. hope that helps =)

Anonymous said...

It's rather unfortunate that Viet Model Project didn't live up to its purpose. Ask any of the other contestants.

Anonymous said...

omg...I'm so happy for her. I hope now that she is famous for this she won't forget her friends! I knew her since 1991-92? I wish I can see her again. =(