Monday, November 12, 2007

Trinh Hoi's Last Justifying Article

There has been many of conflict between Trinh Hoi and the Vietnamese community every since the boycotting in Australia. I came across his article and saw much sense in what he wrote. There is one paragraph where he really said what I wanted to say and sum up much of the dispute between the Vietnamese communities overseas.

"... nhất là đối với các bác các chú không đồng tình với tôi, tôi mong là các bác cứ xem tôi là một trong nhiều người cháu có những tư tưởng độc lập, khác biệt được lớn lên ở Hải Ngoại nên chúng ta không thể nào có cùng một quá khứ, một ý niệm, và một cách giải quyết cho những vấn đề liên quan đến hai chữ Việt Nam. Mong là nếu các bác cho giới trẻ là tương lai của cộng đồng thì câu hỏi sẽ là có phải đã đến lúc các bác cần lắng nghe tiếng nói của giới trẻ hay chưa? Hoặc nếu không thể lắng nghe thì cũng tôn trọng ý kiến của họ và không tự suy diễn để chụp mũ những người bất đồng ý kiến với mình? Chúng ta cũng cần phải hỏi là tại sao có nơi chống và có nơi không chống? Tại sao ở Mỹ, ở Little Saigon, nơi được cho là thành trì tỵ nạn , đã không còn biểu tình trong vấn đề này, nhưng ở Úc thì lại chưa? Hay là phải đi biểu tình, phải đồng ý với quyết định của Ban Chấp Hành Cộng Đồng thì mới được cho là người tỵ nạn chân chính, còn nếu không thì bạn là người đang bị giựt dây, đang đi ngược lại cộng đồng? Có cách nào để chúng ta không đồng ý quan điểm với nhau nhưng vẫn không đem tư cách và việc làm cá nhân để lên án và phỉ báng? "

Translation: Trinh Hoi wishes that the elders who oppose his ideas would see him as a younger person with an independent mindset, different from them because he grew up overseas; therefore he cannot share with them the same history, ideas, and resolution for issues dealing with Vietnam. Furthermore if they claimed the younger generation be the future of the community, then it is time to listen to their thoughts? If not, at least the elders should respect their ideas and not charge them with the wrong ideology. Also we need to raise the question of why there are protesting only in certain areas. Why is it in Little Saigon, in the USA where many it is call the place of refugees that people do not protest on the issue, but in Australia? Is it that the protesting needs to be on the same page with the "group" to be call a true refuge? And if not then one is going against the community? Is there a way that we do not agree on the same point of view and not bring on forth personal and working issue to condemn and defame others? (Sorry if my translation is slightly off)

A great deal of conflict seems to be generational and also the Asian’s traditional concept of elders as being the structure of society because they are perceived to be wiser. And because they have been on earth longer that they have great knowledge, which are valuable as contribution to history and so forth. It is part of the tradition to respect the elders, adults and parents by obedience. A lot of people today still believe this idea and practice it within their family and community. The older generation living in America who grew up on this idea expects it to continue, but when things don’t go as they imagine, problem arise. The idea seems to be reasonable and might be a good one to practice however the idea does not come to play much in America. For the younger generations of Vietnamese who grow up in America are taught a more individualistic concept where people really think much of what makes American identity is the idea freedom in many form that is supposed to be revolve around the individual and his/her own opportunity to success. And people really think they have freedom and are trying to act on the ideology base on what they are taught. Both concepts collide and create conflict that affects the communication between generations of Vietnamese overseas. Of course there are other reasons behind the conflict within the Vietnamese community. Nevertheless my perspective lies closer with Trinh Hoi because I can identify more with him.

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Honestly, a LOT of people here in the VN community in my area feel that his downfalling started when he married Ky Duyen. Personally, I don't like her much because she tends to play the 'ditzy blond' role on PBN. Also, with her background (father was VP of VN while it was still a democratic country and was later seen posing with the new regime leader) she isn't well looked upon in this community. I feel bad for him cause he's done lots of good for the VN community as a whole and that this one incident has tarnished that image he's worked for, but such is life. I doubt ANYONE who remembers what it's like then will let this go. While I understand how he feels, I also understand how hurtful and betrayed former refugees and everyone who had to leave VN feels. The community is VERY anti VC, and anything, no matter how little, that is associated with VC is immediately looked down and scorned. Sad but true...we're dealing with an EXTREMELY sensitive topic here. Frankly, while the protesting and all seems extreme, they are just fighting the thing that took over their country from entering their new lives they had to rebuild away from their homeland. I understand that. There is still much anger and there needs to be people who protests (along with people who work in the backgrounds) to try and turn VN around and become more democratic. Cause frankly, I can't stand VC as they stand for everything I hate - greed, corruption - and while I know that's everywhere, I will never understand how a country with an amazing background and smart people is now a 3rd world country. Therefore, Trinh Hoi's actions then is like a slap in the face for people who remember the war and its effects, and for the people who strive to 'free VN' from its oppressive regime...anything that resembles support of the regime is deemed 'evil' and such. And for those who say it isn't oppressive, that's cause it's all you know.

Karly said...

Thanks for your response.

Democracy will never be achieved to the fullest, maybe only representative. If the VC goes down and a new power comes into place, the people are expected to have a better life. But if it is means to only be switching place or switching the people in control but and the general public never get a say in their government then it’s pointless. I do hope the condition in Vietnam will change but it seems that maybe not in my time that I can witness the revolution.

I cannot stand VC too, my father was in the war and he went to jail for 7 years and my family members were killed off while having dinner when a bomb drop right into our house. I don’t mind at all if the community protests and is sensitive to VC and or people in Vietnam. However, they should stick to that to the fullest. Meaning put an end to all and any kind of business with Vietnam and if they want to protest the artists in VN then protest all. As I know many U.S. singers are going back to VN and doing shows and starting businesses there. What are they doing? But collaborating with people in VN? It is all business and money so it is ok? No. I thought we are boycotting Vietnam in general because of the VC. Everyone in VN is poor and only those in the elite group are the ones doing trades and are head of the entertainment industry in VN.

Maybe I’m missing out on the good things that the community is doing because all that I see are constant protesting on entertainment shows and the artists. Not all but only some. Why not all if that’s what the community wants? The community is sensitive, and I am too about the underlining reason of money that people are protesting to ruin others business. Also, we all understand how the politics work in the community as well. The elders when they have meetings for example, would have young people to show diversity but do not bother to listen to their ideas. “Tieng noi tre” does not exist it seems. And they are complaining about the young generation losing heritage and not taking part in community activities. Pshh. I have so many problems with the hypocrisy of the community.

Anonymous said...

As for Trinh Hoi, he was never well liked before he married Ky Duyen. he guy laugh before he tells jokes, laugh over dumb thigns he said because he thought it was funny. In other word, he was Vo^ Duye^n already. And I'm not the only one to think so. He was already a party boy before he got on Asia, and KD is the same way too. So in many ways they are fit for each other.

As for the protestors, they dont have anything better to do, they do craps like that because that's all they know. I'm guessing they want hush money too.

Anonymous said...

Dont' forget, there is nothing wrong with taking back one's country. We were controlled by China for 2000 yrs, then Japan, then France... so there is nothing wrong with Vietnamese taking back their country no matter if they are VC or VM or whatever. Without the war, none of our butts would be here and have this great of a life. What were your families doing before, during and after the war, compare to now, which is better? how would your lives be if you were born and raised in VN till this day. Now, we live in the best country with the most opportunity in the world. That's like going from middle of the pack and jumping to first place.

As for family members dying in the war. It's war, that's what happen. I have family and relatives who died in the war too. My Dad went to re-education camps also. (Karly.. that's how you got here right? HO program?)

All VC did is taking back VN for VN people (me, you, and them). That's all. As for Comunism, without their supports China and Russia, we wouldnt have the fire power to kick japanese, france, and US butts out. It's not the best system one might say, but Viet Communism have more heart than the Chinese do for themselve. Democracy might not work for VN, people break so many law even with the strict communist laws of which they do enforce to the fullest. And yet, people commit them all the time.

The US got involved because they got scared of the Communist powers in the East, hoping to reduce the influences, that was why they fought for the South Korea and won, and they thought they could do the same for South Viet Nam. It wasn't compassion or whatever. All the Viet Cong and Viet Minh did was retaking Viet Nam for the Vietnamese people. If anything, we should have pride in that we were able to have our country back to ourselve, even if it wasw VC who did that.
Y'all are too young to know about Ky Duyen's dad and what he did and I dont want to write an essay on it for no reasons. But KD mom's wasnt a "good" girl/wife, and if you want to know about KD's personal life, I'll tell you too.

Dude said...

She's not cute, nor funny, nor charming when she does her gimmics on PBN, with out Ngoc Ngan she's jsut a lame duck. He scripted every thing for the both of them. She had a failed co-partner business with the car insurance law firm thing. Her license is not renewed, or it was suspended. I'm not sure which, but she cant practice law in California. I dont know where Trinh Hoi got his degree from. But he went back to VN to practice law, that's just stupid, I guess some people over there want his celeb-like name to be known.

Anh said...

I absolutely agree with KARLY!!!!
The war has left a HUGE SCAR in COUNTLESS VIETNAMESE lives!!!! Those who fought for our freedom endured many ordeals hoping to save us from the bloody new regime. Can you imagine everyday for years dodging bullets, grenades, and boogie traps, while not being able to see your wife, children, and parents nor know if they are alive or dead? That was a regular day of a VNCongHoa soldier! After the Fall of Saigon in 1975, my relatives were tortured for a long decade in a re-education camp with barely enough food or water to survive? My dad was shot in his mouth and arm, which paralyzed those areas for the rest of his life. This is still uncomparable to others' worse cases. It is easy for our and future generations, who have not and will never be in the shoes of those suffered before us, to say let's forgive and forget.

To anonymous in regards to "taking back": If All VCommunists did was take back VN for VN people... If their target was as simple as you have stated... WHY DID MILLIONS OF VIETNAMESE DESPERATELY ABANDON THEIR HOMES AND LEAVE VIETNAM?? They would risk their lives departing on tiny, rundown boats or on foot in the dangerous, foreign jungles of Cambodia rather than stay back. Without the sacrifices of our ancestors and assistance from other countries, you and I may not be alive today.

Anonymous said...

As we all know, no one is perfect and neither is Trinh Hoi. Above everything else, his contributions to the VN community and the world refugees are amazing. I have a lot of respect for him and do wish him the best of luck. I like to read his weekly articles on Nguoi Viet which I can identify with in many ways. He will leave a legacy that many of us can't measure up to.

Anonymous said...

May ba con gai sao ma nhieu chuyen qua. I read the article and have no idea what the hell is the topic and what y'all talking about. what is the issue and justifying? May be I missed out something, hey this is first time I read about this.

Anonymous said...

Nguoi ta not ai ma hay nhieu chuyen di y hay noi chuyen nguoi khac sau nay de con ra rat la vo duyen. Thoi thi cac co cac ba nen an o co duc de con cai sau nay khong tro thanh vo duyen khong ai lay no thi toi lam day.
Xin dung nhieu chuyen.