Thursday, December 13, 2007

Artist's Profile: Huy Vu

Name: Huy Vu
Real Name: Justin Hoang
Birthplace: Nha Trang, Viet Nam
Birthday: October 10th
Family Siblings: A Younger sister and brother
Hobbies: singing (obviously), traveling, dancing, watching movies, playing basketball, working out, snowboarding and basically anything fun.
Favorite Colors: gray, black, and dark purple
Extra Info: Huy Vu makes the best of Bun Bo Hue. One of the places people should he said is at Amsterdam, Vancouver, and Nha Trang.

My Thoughts: I really don’t know much about Huy Thu, simply because I do not watch Tinh Production. I only saw some clips on You Tube, but that’s rarely. However I heard of Huy Vu and I actually listened to him sing, and he is good, definitely can sing. Huy Vu, he is one of the underrated singers for many reasons. Voice vise, he is better than a lot of the other singers who’s getting more promotion, and is more popular mainly on looks. Huy Vu is not bad looking, he just needs a team of people to help with promotion. Also minor things like taking good studio pictures. I seen a lot of his pictures because I was looking them for this post and they are really bad. I thought maybe the photographer would point him in right direction with certain poses. However, it was all over the place with too much usage of hand gestures, blank expressions, bad fashion and a bit too “gay.” I hate to use that word, but I cannot really think of any other. No offense though, but there are certain pose that a guy should not do, simply because it is just not right and definitely not cute. Every celebrity having his or her bad beginnings with bad fashion. Anyway, I don’t mean at all to bash Huy Vu in this post but to rather help promote and bring attention to him as singer and his music. So check out his music below and his Myspace for now because his website is not currently working.


Anonymous said...

Do you know anything about Huy Vu's brother? Maybe he's got a lost brother (I'm serious)?It may sound unbelievable but seriously there is a guy I know looked exactly like him. I would crack a giggle each time I look at this photo because they look so much alike..they could be twins ya know lol! I was going to ask him but afraid he'll get embarrassed.

Karly said...

Oh that's interesting but I don't know anything about it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Huy Vu's shoots- he's rather handsome in my opinion, why the photographers always get it wrong I have no idea..
As for his voice, he's undoubtedly one of my favourite singers - whom I really admire for his voice, not just looks alone !

Anonymous said...

I do agree, Huy Vu is def one of the male singer that can sing in America. The first song I heard of him was "tinh don phuong II" and that was amazing. I saw him once outside on the street, and he def look a lot better than on tv.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

he look knda like wilber(will) pan (chinese singer) to me. i definitely agree about the photographed pictures. BUT his voice is AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

huyvu look fuck pig,suck to hell
huy vu always cu dan.

Anonymous said...

huyvu bu lon ma no