Saturday, December 15, 2007

Celebrities' Spouse 2

This is something similar to what I made awhile back titled "Celebrities' Spouse". The photos below are random photos I found in blog resource’s folder. I'm not sure how to do a post for it, so I will combine them all here. I hope you enjoy it.


1. Thanh Truc and husband Vu Tuan Duc

2.Lam Truong and Y An

3. Ai Van and family

4. Truong Ngoc Anh and husband

5. Nhat Truong and wife My Lan with son

6.Viet Thao and family attending Bang Kieu's wedding

7.Left is Van Son's family and right is Bao Liem

8. Ha Phuong and family

9. Ex Quang Dung and Jennifer Pham

10. Ex Minh Tri and Viet Thi

11. Ex Ky Duyen and Trinh Hoi

12.Elvis Phuong and wife

13. Kieu Oanh and ex husband

14. Huong Thuy and husband


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Great photo collection, but can you fix the captions so they correspond to the photos? Most of them are off and it's confusing. Thanks!

Karly said...


I checked and it looks fine on my computer. Maybe it's the browser. Sorry. -_-

khema71 said...

No, the captions are off on my browser too!

Anonymous said...

may cai hinh nay tiec la dep. Em khong bao gio biet la may nguoi a si co vo hay la co trong......

Anonymous said...

please post more! i love them!

lisa said...

who did kieu oanh leave her husband for?

Tai said...

Holy crap, I mean I understand marrying for money but come on Ha Phuong, and Huong Thuy, I expected more from them. Bleh, guess I'll just become a super rich billionaire now and hook up with these singers. Kinda sad to see how vain Viet folks are, Chinese too, actually I'd say most of the Asian population. Don't know why we place such emphasis on stuff like that, I mean it just seems like it's less prominent in white folks, could just be my imagination though...

Oh the captions are messed up on my browser too but I'm using Safari soooooo.....

Anonymous said...

Hình só 7 không đúng sự thật xin bỏ xuống dùm con cái