Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Flyin’ High… with Da Nhat Yen

Da Nhat Yen is coming out with a DVD that will hit stores December 20th 2007. This is her first DVD I heard. There seem to be trend going now for people to be releasing DVD, from Trish to Loan Chau and now Da Nhat Yen. I have one comment though on the poster picture. I don’t like it very much, simply because it doesn’t seem to fit with the title “Flyin’ High.” Da Nhat Yen looks clueless on the poster. I was expecting something stronger and more creative from Asia. But I guess we should be thankful that they actually make something. Good luck with the sales DNY.

1. Flyin' High
2. Cuoc Tinh Lo
3. Dem Buon Nhu Thanh Ca
4. Co Nhung Chuyen Tinh Khong La Tram Nam
5. Adult Ceremony
6. Hoai Yeu
7. Voi Anh Dem Nay
8. Tango Mong Mo
9. Bonus Footage
10. May Va em
11. Voulez Vous
12. Mua He Tinh Yeu
13. Not Me Not I
14. Behind the Scenes

1 comment:

rubin pham said...

what happen to her?
i have not seen her for a long time.