Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tình Yêu và Tình Người - Tình Ca Trúc Hồ

The anticipated CD from Asia is currently in stores. Get yourself a copy. Don't forget to leave a comment and give your review of the CD.

P.S. I saw Nguyen Hong Nhung on video in this press conference she and other singers had awhile back about Dam Vinh Hung and she looked so young! Her face is pretty and just really natural compared to being on Asia and in photos where she looks so much old. I wonder.

1. Tinh Yeu & Tinh Nguoi - Lam Nhat Tien - Nguyen Hong Nhung
2. Du Chi Mot Lan Thoi - Thien Kim
3. Gio Da Khong Con Nua - Don Ho - Lam Thuy Van
4. Thoi The Thi Chia Tay - Bao Yen
5. Khi Ta Xa Roi Nhau - Lam Thuy Van
6. Moi Do Trang Ve - Lam Thuy Van - Nguyen Khang
7. Toi Nghiep Than Anh - Lam Nhat Tien
8. Neu Khong Co Em - Quoc Khanh
9. Mot Mai - Lam Nhat Tien - Nguyen Khang
10. Nhung Dieu That La - Nguyen Khang
11. Anh Van Doi Em - Lam Nhat Tien
12. Mot Coi Vo Vong - Lam Nhat Tien - Nguyen Khang
13. Me Yeu - Dang The Luan
14. Thien Than Trong Bong Toi - Diem Lien - Y Phuong

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