Saturday, December 08, 2007

Van Son 38 in Singapore: Where’s Viet Thao?

The DVD Van Son 38 in Singapore will released this holiday 2007. There have been a lot of rumors about Viet Thao leaving Van Son. However, Viet Thao is not denying or agreeing to the rumor during an interview. So maybe the decision is still in the air. As for Van Son 38, Viet Thao will not be appearing as emcee, and is replaced by Van Son and Bao Liem.

1.Garden Paradise - Vu Doan Singapore
2.They Don't Care About Us - Ngo Thanh Van
3.Chinese Melodies - Don Ho, Andy Quach, Cat Tien, Linda Chou
4.Giot Mua Thu - Ngoc Ha
5.Ai Ve Song Tuong - Toi Di Giua Hoang Hon -Nguyen Khang
6.Hai Kich - Ve Que Ngoai - Viet Huong, Minh Nhi, Trang Thanh Lan
7.Nguoi Tinh Mua Dong - Linda Chou
8.Aline - Don Ho
9. Nhac Canh - Chuyen Ba 8 - Van Son, Phi Nhung
10.Uniquely You - Wendy Kol
11. Tinh Anh Ban Chieu - Kim Tu Long
12. Vong Xoay - Tinna Tinh
13. Elton John's Melody - Vpop
14.Hai Kich - Hoi Ngo - Quang Minh, Hong Dao, Minh Nhi
15.Han Do Ban - Truong Vu
16.Paula Adul's Melody - Cat Tien
17.Sau Le Bong - Thanh Tuyen
18.Kiep Nao Co Yeu Nhau - Diem Lien
19.Uniquely Colorful Singapore - Vu Doan Singapore
20.Tinh Yeu Cach Tro - Che Phong, Ha Vy
21. Bai Ngoi Ca Que Huong - Phi Nhung
22.Song Tau - Van Son, Bao Liem
23.Caravan Of Life - Andy Quach
24.Finale - Toan Ban
25.Phong Su Dac Biet - Dao Quoc Su Tu - Van Son, Bao Liem
26.Behind The Scene


Anonymous said... check it out guys!

tube4vn said...

Check it out at

Anonymous said...

Van son 38 dem hoi ngộ at

Anonymous said...

He's in VS 39 though, so maybe he's just taking a break or has personal issues?

Anonymous said...

> check it out guys!

Too vague, like "see the internet". Thanks anyway.

Myson Nguyen said...

on the van son fforum, it stated that viet thao couldnt make it to singapore due to a family prob. so yeh