Sunday, December 02, 2007

Where Are They Now? Song Hằng

Diệu Hằng and Thu Hằng aka Song Hằng first appeared in Thuy Nga Paris By Night in the 1990s as the singing twins. Truong Do Dieu Hang and Truong Do Thu Hang moved to Essen in Germany in 1992 with their parents at the age of 22. Living in a city of few Vietnamese and little establishment in Vietnamese entertainment community, they saw their chance to pursuit singing limited. So Dieu Hang followed a career in nursing while Thu Hang worked with children. Dieu Hang and Song Hang has eight other siblings including three from a second marriage after the death of their mother when they were just about 18 months old. Song Hang has an older brother name Phuong living in Toronto, Canada for a long time and had relations with Thuy Nga. Therefore he introduced Song Hang to meet with Thuy Nga’s producer in 1994 and later on, Song Hang appeared on tapings of Thuy Nga Paris By Night while working with other productions since they were not under contract. Song Hang continues to commute between two countries, Germany and America doing recordings. Song Hang released 3 CDS under NQ Records. (Source)

Where are they now? After a few appearances on Thuy Nga Paris By Night, and releasing a few CDS, I have not heard anything of the two. Did they continue to sing in local events and shows or did they go back to pursuing their careers before singing?

Do you know remember them? What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

They were my fav!

TitsnMilklover said...

They're suck, what the hell are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

They were really pretty and they can sing. :) I wonder why they stopped singing.

Wes Love said...

All I know since they stopped singing is Thu Hang got married and had a baby! To bad I knew them personally and have several pics with them. I'm in Denver area.