Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 08!

This was taken @ Wildwood, New Jersey this summer.

Wow, it’s a new year. The year went by very fast and now I’m a year older and you too. My friends ask me what my resolutions are but I have none. Holidays used to an excitement for me when I was younger but as I get older I feel more away from the kind of blues feeling that comes. And also the magical feeling that it brings as well. I guess it’s because I’m more scientific and less feeling with my heart. There is more thinking and quick to name and place things accordingly and not really enjoying what it is without the value. I guess my secret resolution each year is to come close to the feeling I lost. Well there I go again making sense of things. I need to stop. Let’s talk happy thoughts and how the firecrackers are so beautiful with different colors and the sounds it makes… ^_^ Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog and reading what I write. I really appreciate it.

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