Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Is Asia Leading Over Thuy Nga?

Thuy Nga Paris By Night has been the forth runner in its early years to now for its clear images and high quality shows. Thuy Nga Production was the early Vietnamese production that had lasted till today. Over the years it has involved greatly and gained much popular with very devoted fans of the show. But there has been a slight shift in sales it seems as Asia is taking in the lead. Asia has always been seen as the second runner up following its birth after Thuy Nga. In its early year, although second best to Thuy Nga it was still a big competition pulling in lots of younger audiences because of the large cast of young artists. Today Asia is still going strong side and to side with Thuy Nga but it just might have a bit of a lead recently.

Asia scored a big hit due to many factors such as its Vietnam War theme. The war theme had pulled in a great amount of older audiences as well as those who enjoy music from that era and like to remember that point in time. It is both a historical thing as well a great contribution to that time. The second factor is the younger bunch singers such as Cardin and Trish Thuy Trang carrying their own sense of music and fashion that are idols to the younger generation of Vietnamese. Third is the creative pairing between veterans and younger singers that seem to work. In addition Asia does many remakes on old classics and songs that audiences love. Even though the younger generation does not remember these songs but they get to hear the brand new remix of it sung by their idol and so they do love it too. Older Vietnamese music are full of great songs with a meaningful feel to it so Asia cannot do wrong with them. Next Asia invites familiar faces from Vietnam such as Kim Tieu Long, Bao Yen, Nha Phuong and even Phuong Thao & Ngoc Le that got woven into an interesting story of a mixed child searching for her an American father. Lastly is Asia’s changing and big number emcees from Trinh Hoi, Leyna Nguyen, Thuy Duong and lately “bomb lady” Duong Nguyet Anh. Enough though the emcees might not be good at their job but they bring something new for the audiences, new faces and voices. On the other hand Thuy Nga has always stuck with Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen that could be quite boring. Furthermore Asia has also done little things such as bringing up their singers for interviews and play emcees to introduce songs. Lastly Asia is more simple and commoner than Thuy Nga. Thuy Nga is all educational, professional, history talks and being artsy. Thuy Nga’s emcees talk very intelligently and they bring up poetry and researches on this and that. While Asia’s emcees might use dirty jokes and say silly things, the audiences feel more “at home” with them. This is of course one of the big criticism of Asia for being obscene, it however work for them too. For those who do not enjoy philosophical talks of Thuy Nga, it gets boring. And people who are more down to earth will probably enjoy Asia more.

My Thoughts:
I talked to my friends and they said the only reason they would Thuy Nga is because of singers like Mai Tien Dung and Roni Trong, other than that Thuy Nga talks too much about stuff they do not understand. It is like school and that’s so boring. Then I talked to my aunt, she doesn’t like Asia because they are very obscene. She enjoys Thuy Nga’s formal talks and quality. Lastly I spoke with my sister and she is in the middle. Although she values Thuy Nga she doesn’t like hearing too much historical background. But then she doesn’t like the War theme and constant anti-Viet Cong talk from Asia.

You remember what they say about people in the south being frankly and honest verses people in northern Vietnam who are formal when talk and don’t openly show their emotions. Yeah I just thought of that out of nowhere. Anyway, I see Asia as “lẩu thập cậm” (Hot pot with various meat and veggies in it, of course comes with beer) and Thuy Nga as “bữa cơm Tây” (French/Western dinner, looks good but doesn’t fill you up). I don’t know what I will choose. Maybe I’ll go for Van Son as “Buffet” (International buffet with mainly Chinese food and others). What about you?

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Anonymous said...

I used to like Thuy Nga more but recently finding myself leaning toward Asia. Here is my rating (out of 10 scale):

Emcee: Asia 8 (having Thuy Duong brought their raing up, but Viet Dung gotta stop those little dirty jokes); Thuy Nga 10 (you can't go wrong with Nguyen Ngoc Ngan's intellectual)

Song Choice: Asia 9; Thuy Nga 9

Singer: Asia 8; Thuy Nga 8

Comedy Skit: Asia 10 (their recent skits reflect life in reality); Thuy Nga 6 (No meaning at all in their recent skits, just simply cheap jokes, sometimes rely on dirty words to get audience laugh)

Comedian: Asia 10 (Quang Minh Hong Dao rock); Thuy Nga 8 (I used to like Hoai Linh but why keep on crossdressing? Kieu Oanh's first appearance was good and kinda naive but now look like "bà bán cá", Chi Tai would make you laugh by just looking at his funny face)

Choreagraphy: Asia 9; Thuy Nga 10

Presentation: Asia 10; Thuy Nga 9

Total score: Asia 64/70; Thuy Nga 60/70