Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thuy Nga's Talent Show Conspiracy!

I’ve found the conspiracy behind Thuy Nga’s Paris By Night Talent Show 2007! Apparently Thuy Nga’s favorite boy toy (I mean singer) Trinh Lam made David Meng ate all the oranges and other acidic food, so much that it had affected David's voice and ability to sing well on stage. As you can see the innocent eyes of David Meng versus the evil smile on Trinh Lam’s face that says it all! Please support this mission to expose the TRUTH by passing the picture above to all your families, friends, partners, co-workers, and random strangers. David Meng deserves better! He has been cheated! And Trinh Lam's arogrant needs to come to an end. Although he was lucky to produce the hit "Tai Sao?" He is still an immature songwriter and his luck will soon run out. SUPPORT THE MISSION OF TRUTH!

This post is intented to be read with humor. If you take this too seriously, don’t.


Anonymous said...

oh. GAWWWWWWWWWW. but they are both hella cute =]and oh yea! WHAT HAPPEN TO MENG!? im sad.

Anonymous said...

I think you're more gayer than Trinh Lam. Stop being a hater! GOSH

Anonymous said... are so funny...not! To tell you the truth I always thought meng flooded thuy nga's servers or somehow hacked in their voting system to get the people's choice. Oh well, nevermind because it didn't bring him anywhere. Although I gotta admit meng was kind of cute being a Cambodian singing Vietnamese but as a matter of fact he couldn't pronounce a word entirely correct not to mention he got off tune and didn't hit the notes. after all being a singer is about their vocal talents and jot being cute because he's from another country. Well just my two cents.