Thursday, January 17, 2008

We Miss You Roni!

Roni attended the Finnish army in January 2008 for six months. It was mandatory. AND WE MISS HIM VERY MUCH!!!

This post is not only dedicated to Roni Tran but also my friend Sang who is like in love with Roni. Aww...hehe. Roni please come back soon after military duty, my friend Sang misses you much as well as other fans out there. Come back soon! “Don’t wanna be alone… we’re waiting by the TVnow that you are gone…” HAHA. And below is a shout out from my friend Sang. (Lol)

“RONI! I remember, the day we first met, it was the like the heavens were testing me. They gave me this beautiful creature to look at but never gets; you know how painful that is? IT REALLY IS! But after I saw you sing, I don’t want to be alone anymore, I want to watch you on stage everyday and flow away into a fantasy of my own. I hope that you are fine in the army, don’t lose weight or look old cause then I might have to leave you for Mai Tien Dung. Haha. But you know, just remember, your always on the top of my list because you all I want. YES YOU! I don't want you like I want a boyfriend, that’s just creepy; I mean I will always be a loyal fan. I scared you, didn't I? Haha.”


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Anonymous said...

The musical "Snowman" was really a big hit last Christmas in Finland. Roni tried to arrange a guest ticket for me to see him performing, but all the shows at weekends in December were sold out, and they had two shows every day and weekends! So I haven't seen him yet, and the musical is over now. Due to its popularity they plan to play it again next Christmas 2008. The Finnish media was very interested in the musical, and the journalists around the country have come to the Tampere city, where the musical took place, to report about the event. They all were impressed about the play and the acting/singing skill of Roni. It's quite funny to read these days in Finnish newspapers when they wrote "actor Roni Tran", because until now people in Finland has used to know Roni as a singer and an Idol finalist.

Because of the success of "The Snowman" Roni's future seems to turn now to new directions. He's just got an invitation from another Finnish theater director from Helsinki, the capital of Finland, for a new musical that starts very soon in Finland (I will tell the name of the musical later when I have the permission from Roni). This invitation has made Roni change his plan for the future. He won't join the Finnish army this year and will do it probably next year. And he also decided to start two days ago his college, a four-yeared studying on economy and marketing in English program for Bachelor degree, in Helsinki, Finland.

So Roni is not in the army, he is a college student now, and it also means that his singing career will continue this year, whenever he can arrange his time between the school and the theater. Probably Roni's fans will see him back on PBN stage very soon!!!

credits CHRISTOPHE from ThuyNga Forums

quan chua luu manh said...

Okay. I don't wanna alarm anyone but, not so long ago, I read Ronnie's message from his myspace. And I remember Roni saying something about how he hadn't decided yet whether or not to continue working onstage or offstage after his military duty.