Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Are They Doing? Part 2!

... or thinking for that matter in these photos. Some are just an act while others reflect onto something more. Read this with a sense of humor and don't take it too seriously. HEY! Did you miss part 1? No worry; click here!
*Notice: “Caption This” part of the blog will be remove in place of “What are They Doing?”

1. At first it looks like Lam Nhat Tien when his addiction arose. A closer look, it is just a bad picture of Kim Tieu Long.

2. I bet it’s stinky. It’s the horse’s- but wait a minute what are doing smelling it in the first place?

3. I didn’t know Manh Quynh and Bang Kieu have Korean friends. That’s not it. It is comedian Hoai Linh! Mai Tien Dung got his back good.

4. Bao Han work and party hard that so she decided to try a new yoga method to release her stress.

5. Seeing her image in the mirror, Vy Nguyen was terrified that she almost cried herself to tears.

6. Le Uyen and Phuong Thanh are the leading cast of a new ghost movie directed Charlie Nguyen.

7. “You are… so beautiful... to me.”

8. ARGG! It’s a catfight between Asia's leading singers. On the left, Nguyen Khang with his ultimate weapon,his breathe! And on the right, Anh Minh with her sex appeal that doesn't seem to work.

9. Nguyen Thang enjoys his daily facial treatment with Cat Tien.

10. It’s all fun and games now, but when it’s time to shine. It will be backstabbing and lying for these young singers.


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