Sunday, February 17, 2008

Artist's Profile: Trina Bảo Trân

Name: Trina Bảo Trân
Horoscope: Capricorn
Birthplace: Saigon, VN
Current Residency: California, US
Siblings: One older sister and one younger brother
Hobbies: Singing, dancing, workout, playing piano, watching movies and traveling
Favorite Flowers: Tulips and lilies
Favorite Drink: Green milk tea boba, coconut juice, cranberry juice and coffee
Favorite Food: Vegetarian, Vietnamese and Thai cuisines, and sushi
Favorite Season: Autumn
Favorite VN Singers: Dam Vinh Hung, Ngoc Lan, Khanh Ha, My Linh, Tuan Hung, Minh Tuyet
Favorite US singers: Madonna and Celine Dion
Favorite Place to Travel: anywhere that has nice sandy beaches and palm trees
Favorite Animal: Puppy
Favorite Fruits: Cherries, strawberry, exotic fruits
Favorite Music: Pop and R&B
Favorite Color: Depends on the season...usually happy colors such as lilac, vanilla, pink, baby blue
Favorite Line: "Hey Babe"
Favorite Treat: Ice Cream
My Space:
Website: *temporary not working

My Thoughts:
I'm not sure why I wanted to do an artist profile on Trina. I just didn't want to only post on singers I like or singers you are already familiar with and so on. I want to also focus on other artists who are maybe struggling, underrated, etc. I come to know Trina for the first time from
Miss Vietnam Global 2007. My first impression of her was not a good one I tell you. She and Sai sang "Dhoom Dhoom Sexy Naughty Bitchy," it was horrible in many ways not just vocally. After that I saw her again in more beauty pageants, dressed in revealing clothes and singing not so great songs. There were lots of talk about Trina being able to sing and do shows due to her father's status and then about her new nose job. That was pretty much the Trina I know. Unless anyone else want to shed some lights on a possible different side like how some people defended Nhu Loan that she is a great person if we get to know her.


GeeNee said...

i don't really have any facts or anything to say in defense of trina. i thot her thing on that missvietnamglobal show or w.e. was pathetic. but i did listen to the song list u included. tinh dang sounded horrible. but i like the other songs. i think she mite have even sung hay hua nghe anh better than minh tuyet. but that's just my opinion. i wonder if she sang tinh dang b4 she sang all those other songs, it sounded like she was trying too hard in tinh dang, but she did get better. i also liked her and vina's version of "sorry", that was cute. justin was cutest but w.e.

N. Hoang said...

This is ... a singer??? Oh Gosh, I think you should take off of your blog of artist profile, or the rest will look just as ridiculous. She can't sing and she can't act. I have nothing against her but let's face the FACT.

Anonymous said...

Oh man!!! She makes me want to B**ch slap her lips..... Looks like she tries so hard....

Anonymous said...

if you watch her videos closely, you will notice that she always touches her face when she sings. And yes she is quite annoying with the lips thing

Anonymous said...

she is an ugly ducklin

Anonymous said...

Yes.. What is it with her lips? It's not cute or sexy... So please sstop it!

Mike said...

I realize this is pretty old... but you said something about her father's status? I heard he was like Asia's/SBTN's owner or something? Yeah she can't really sing... and to whoever said she can sing better than MT... you must be tone deaf. MT can have laryngitis and still sing better than Trina. I only watch Trina for her ( . Y . ) sorry I'm a guy lol.

Karly said...

uhm... you're never too late.
trina's dad according to rumors invested money for her to be promoted as a singer and to sing in Tinh etc... he's not owner of Asia/SBTN I don't think. you can watch her interview here if u havent