Friday, February 29, 2008

Celebrities In Their Younger Years

So what do these celebrities look like say years ago? How about even younger when they were just a baby? We will find out soon. They definitely didn't look like themselves. Maybe some did. Before you get scroll down quickly to view the pictures, try to guess who they are first. Also check out celebrities' spouse, famous children, and celebrities gone wild.

Don't forget to comment to tell how well you did out of 18 photos. To view the answer simple highlight below the picture where there are indications.

1. Who is this now so famous MC?

>>Hightlight here YEAH that's Việt Dũng, MC from Asia. Now this is not so hard is it? Next.

2. Who's this other famous MC that the arrow points to?

>>Hightlight here That's Kỳ Duyên from Thúy Nga Paris By Night. You're doing good so far?

3. Who's this veteran singer holding her daughter who is also a singer?

>>Hightlight here It's 2 month old Shayla and her mom Thanh Tuyền in May of 1975.

4. And the arrow points to??? Hint: She's related to singer Thanh Tuyền.

>>Hightlight here She is Ngọc Huyền, daughter in law to Thanh Tuyền.

5. She is oh so very famous and controversial as well

>>Hightlight here It's no other than Như Quỳnh. If you're a NQ fan, I'm sure you got this right.

6. This singer on the left was said to beat someone up over a stack of CDS.

>>Hightlight here DUH! It's Thanh Hà. We're good? OK. Next

7. She might not be that tall but she sure has a big voice. Hint: She duets with Adam Ho

>>Hightlight here It's 16 year old Vân Quỳnh who currently sings at Thúy Nga.

8. Come on now, she didn't change much.

>>Hightlight here That's Bé Xuân Mai.

9. This pageant queen hooked up with a famous VN singer.

>>Hightlight here It's Linda Vi Trâm Nguyễn who hooked up with Nhật Tinh Anh.

10. He's a famous singer rising along side with Phương Thanh and Thu Phương.

>>Hightlight here He is Lam Trường. So far so good or is it getting harder?

11. Who is this VN singer? Hint: Bống bống bang bang.

>>Hightlight here This is Hồng Nhung , not to be confuse with Nguyễn Hồng Nhung who currently sings at Asia.

12. Who's this winner of Last Comic Standing?

>>Hightlight here It's obvious that it is Đạt Phan.

13. Who's this top model winner?

>>Hightlight here That's Alex Tran, winner of Top Viet Model. Keep going?

14. Who's this tall singer from Thúy Nga?

>>Hightlight here The answer is Như Loan.

15. He was a contestant on Thuy Nga's Talent Show. Hint: He shared a common name with another singer from Thuy Nga.

>>Hightlight here He is contestant #11 Trần Thái Hòa.

16. Who's this Thúy Nga singer born in Philadelphia?

>>Hightlight here She is singer Tú Quyên. Almost done, keep going.

17. Who's this singer from Vân Sơn next to her mother?

>>Hightlight here It's Cát Tiên with her mom. So cute.

18. Lastly, who's this VN singer you see together with Quang Vinh?

>>Hightlight here She is Bảo Thy. Now tally up your score and post it.


Anonymous said...

I got 15/18. I can see the similarities between the baby pictures and the celeb adults. Tu Quyen looks so cute and she has the same smile, even back then. That is not a flattering picture of Ky Duyen though. It also looks like Viet Dzung lost some weight.

Karly said...

Good job! Hehe.

Myson Nguyen said...

i got 17 out of 18...YAYYYY!! i guessed on
tu quyen looks so cuuuutteee!! =)

Anonymous said...

How did you find that baby photo of Shayla with her mom? Great post!

Karly said...

hehe.. i think i got it from one of her music video, which she sang about her mom. I saw it on her myspace.

Anonymous said...

Got 18/18 :) Pretty good eh? Thanks to the hints hehehe.....

Anonymous said...

How did you found that picture of Nhu Loan ? :L omgosh and Tu Quyen looks so cutee, nhu loan looks the same :L