Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới!

Happy New Years you guys! I have been waiting for this day since forever. I just love Tết celebration because it is always great to spend some quality family time. (Not that I don’t spend time with my family on a regular base, it is just extra fun around New Year). Also the atmosphere is great, lots of color, sounds of firecrackers and oh yes the food! I’m such an eater you know I will chow on anything. Lately I have been eating so much bánh chưng (sticky rice cake). It is one of favorite New Year food. So yummy! But I don’t quite like the mung bean paste inside. My aunt made it and she put so much inside. Here is a funny story. My dad refuses to eat bánh tét, (also sticky rice cake but rolled up and not square shape like bánh chưng). He said it is not good. LOL. It is the same. I mean they are the same just different shape. So I was like are you discriminating against it because it is round! Haha. I will eat any, to me it is the same once it enters my mouth. Hehe. Anyway, I know you boys and girls are waiting for those lucky money. Don’t be greedy. It is not about the amount but the luck that it brings. (Right?). Haha.


A Viet Accent Reader said...

Happy Tet Viet Accent! I just stumbled onto your blog recently and have enjoyed reading your posts. I'm very glad to have found a blog that offers a wide variety of news about the Vietnamese entertainment community. Thanks for all your hard work.

Viet said...

Happy TET! I'm a loyal reader.

Karly said...

thanks! you guys have a good one