Sunday, February 10, 2008

DVD: Đêm Trong Căn Nhà Hoang

You don’t believe in ghost?
The two worlds never meet?
Night in an Abandon House will give you a different view.

Đêm Trong Căn Nhà Hoang” temporary translated, as "Night in an Abandon House" is a DVD movie based on the audiotape of scary ghost stories from writer Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn starring Thúy Nga’s executive producer Huỳnh Thi (Dr. Lộc). Dr. Lộc has always believed in science so stories about ghosts are considered fictitious. But all until one day when he traveled from Saigon to the western district area on a new duty and moved into an abandon house. On the very first night, strange things happened that completely changed his mind and he was happy to survive a night in the abandon house. Based on a true story, this movie also starred Monalisa Nguyễn as Thanh Tâm, Ngọc Đan Thanh as Lộc’s mother and Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn as the storyteller. The movie is about 2hrs. To purchase the DVD, click here. For screen captures, click here.


My Thoughts:
I’m a fan of horror movies, but this movie looks bad. (Haha). The trailer is all flashy of images that seem incoherent, and showing some parts of what seems to be scary? And also the screaming sounds that is so typical. The trailer didn’t preview the acting ability of the cast but more like trying to trick us into watching the movie. Maybe this movie will scare little kids. I doubt the actual movie in full length is any good. Also I'm skeptical to see Huỳnh Thi act, considering how horrible he is as a producer lol, just kidding. Those things do not go together- yeah his ability as a producer does not predict his acting ability. Scratch that. Haha. Anyway, I did listen to a few of Nguyễn Ngọc Ngạn’s audiotapes and they were good. However the stories were not very new or different. This movie is based on a true story. I doubt that. Most scary movies say that to hype people up and be more scared I guess. Well, if any of you guys watched the DVD tell me how it goes.


Nhi said...

Personally, i thought the movie had a horrible story line. Thee wasn't much talking in the movie and I thought it was really draggy. The music wasn't that great and they emphasized "little sounds too much". For instance, when the doctor was ripping paper, the sound was even louder than the music when the "Ghost" appeared. I thought the ending was very wierd and it didn't even wrap up the story....just left us hanging there thinking....."Okay..that's it?" I'd rate it a 1/5.

Anonymous said...

I thought the acting was very amateur-ish and the story line was incoherent. Thi should stick to producing and leave the acting to real actors. Not scary at all. Very bad acting throughout.

Anonymous said...

old wacko huynh thi promted himself to a 'movie star' infact he can't act. don't waste your money on this movie.

danny said...

First of all, I am a fan of Nguyen Ngoc Ngan's audio stories as well as his reading voice. However, after watching a 5-minute preview of this movie, I notice a terrible flaw. One of the kids couldn't speak proper Vietnamese. Perhaps the boy is a member of Thuy Nga's relative, because he's always in Thuy Nga's hai kich even though he can't act or speak the language. As for Huynh Thi, he's only a producer because of luck or perhaps because of destiny. He started out as a no-name singer who, along with Don Ho, made it to some of Khanh Ha's videos nearly 2 decades ago. Eventually he kissed his way up to the top by marrying Thuy Nga's daughter, Marie To. That's why Khanh Ha, her sister Luu Bich, and Don Ho are some of the long-time members of Thuy Nga. It's not what people can do, it's who they know. Huynh Thi became a rich and famous man because of mere luck. I don't think luck, this time, is going to make him become a true actor. Speaking of acting, I haven't seen any Vietnamese who is able to act because it always seems that they are reading the script instead of acting it.